April 17 (Global Web Wire)- After the end of the Easter holiday period on April 16 (yesterday), a total of 526,228 students from various educational levels and institutions will return to classrooms in the state this Monday, April 17.

This is why, the Zacatecas Road Safety Police Directorate will implement a speed reduction operation on the Metropolitan Boulevard and at the institutions with the highest number of vehicles and arteries in the metropolitan area and municipalities.

The road authorities of the state are asking parents, teachers, and workers in the educational sector to plan their transfer times, drive with caution, and check the conditions of the motor vehicles in which they will be traveling.

A day of great mobility

According to the Zacatecas State Ministry of Education, 487,013 students from all grades of education will return to school on Monday in a total of 5,236 schools.

In addition, 35,172 teachers and directors, as well as 11,022 administrative and support employees, will return to work.

The Autonomous University of Zacatecas will also resume work on Monday. The university has 39,215 students enrolled, with 28,164 in higher education and 11,051 in secondary education.

The university has 1,022 full-time professors and a total of 616 full-time professors with a Desirable Profile.

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