This was the love story between Yuridia and Mario Domm; were they going to get married?

Both singers starred in one of the most talked about and controversial romances more than ten years ago, even though they kept most of the details private.

Romances, even when they end, are hardly forgotten, especially if they happen between a celebrity couple, as was the case with Belinda and Christian Nodal, Grettell Valdez and Pato Borghetti, Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann, among many others.

The media and the public influence the love history of actors or singers to be remembered throughout their lives, regardless of the time that has elapsed since they broke up, although if there is a child or children that link them, the greater the relationship between the two will be.

Fortunately for Mario Domm and Yuridia, theirs was only a courtship that seemed to go beyond, however it all ended with both artists separated and married to other people, Mario to his ex-wife Alejandra Callero and Yuridia to Matías Aranda, her husband.

The love between the singers began more than a decade ago, when they were both popular. Although they shared little about their relationship, they were captured by the media on their outings and photos were leaked where they were seen very much in love.

The relationship seemed to become one of the most solid at the time, after it was circulated that Yuridia and Mario were engaged and the interpreter showed off her ring.

Unfortunately it all ended, and although the reasons were not specified, some versions indicate that it was due to an infidelity on the part of Camila’s vocalist, who had a bad reputation as a womanizer. Fortunately for the music industry, according to fans, this led to great songs and even albums that have marked her career.

Song that Yuridia dedicated to Mario Domm

It was last year, when the interpreter of Amigos No Por Favor reappeared on the small screen, that people relived her relationship with Mario. A TikTok account called Yuridia TV shared part of the video of the song Ya te olvidé where behind the singer there are black and white photos, however, if you pay close attention, you can notice that the profile of the composer also appears in the images.

The recording has 724 thousand likes and for many it is evidence that the love between Mario Domm and Yuridia was of great relevance in their lives, as there are those who point out that the native of Torreón dedicated his album Dejarte de Amar to her.

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