Some time ago YouTube announced their latest regulations which will take effect before the end of December 2022. These regulations concern dirty words and violent videos.

As a result of this regulation, many content creators, especially those who focus on gaming content, are demonetized. One of the Content Creators who stated that he was badly affected by this was Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White Jr.

YouTube’s New Rule Demonetize lots of Content?

YouTube’s latest guidelines relate to Advertiser Friendly Content which provides clarity to Content Creators how videos are evaluated for Demonetize.

This guideline also focuses on topics such as strong language and violence. As a result, this policy will have an impact on videos that show violence or use offensive language.

Even though there are still many games that are safe from this policy, of course not a few games will be affected by YouTube’s policies. Based on the guidelines shared, games that display dead bodies in non-educational videos or acts of violence include those related to law.

Many Content Creators have been affected by this policy. The Content Creators showcased the gameplay of the game that was just released some time ago, namely The Callisto Protocol.

The video featuring the game The Callisto Protocol is entirely Demonetized. This major change makes Creators have to choose games that do not display violence or harsh words if they don’t want their videos to get yellow Dollars.

Another effect is that in the future game developers will reduce the level of violence in their games so that they can be broadcast on the YouTube site later. Apart from that, this policy can also have an impact on esports games such as PUBG and also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

And this policy also applies to videos that were uploaded before the policy was issued. This has an impact on a drastic lack of income from Content Creators who have videos affected by Demonetize.

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