Despite having had “redemption arcs” over the past few years, it looks like YouTuber Logan Paul has a pretty big problem. The NFT game promoted by him is considered a scam.

Anti-scam YouTuber Coffeezilla recently released 3 videos investigating the Blockchain game promoted by Logan Paul, CryptoZoo. There are 2 problems with CryptoZoo, the game hasn’t been released yet and Logan Paul fans have invested hundreds of thousands of US Dollars in value.

Is Game Logan Paul a Scam?

In the video which is divided into 3 parts, Coffeezilla investigates CryptoZoo. According to Logal Paul’s own explanation, CryptoZoo is a fun game where we can earn money.

The status of the game itself is still in the process of upgrading the core infrastructure for the ecosystem. Later this game has an automatic ecosystem where players can buy, sell, and exchange exotic animals.

Basically, this game is an NFT game where players can buy, sell, or trade their NFTs. Then the NFT of these animals can be bred and get zoo coins which can be exchanged for money. In short, this game will give players passive income.

Unfortunately, this game is still not playable even though many potential players have already spent money on this game. Coffeezilla found that since it was first announced in 2021, Logan Paul Fans have spent a total of up to 2.5 million US Dollars for eggs on the game.

Some of the people who provided information to Coffeezilla also said that they believed Logan Paul had changed for the better and wanted to create a “safe place” for everyone when investing in Crypto.

One victim of this investment is Rob. He talked to Coffeezilla and said that he had lost 7000 US Dollars in the game CryptoZoo. Rob also explained that passive income in the game doesn’t work.

He added that the system didn’t work from the start and even in the contract itself it wasn’t written that the player could do so yielding at the Zoo. Basically, people make investments that pay off nothing.

Later in the Coffezilla video, the person who did not wish to be named said that they could not hatch the eggs they had purchased and that the eggs were just a worthless image.

The video also contains Logan Paul’s statement explaining the problems in the development of CryptoZoo. Logan Paul said that the game developer fled to Switzerland with Source Code and demanded a ransom of 1 million US Dollars.

Coffeezilla also conducted further investigations and spoke with the NFT game developer. According to the developer’s statement, he has never been paid until now while working on CrpytoZoo.

He has brought 30 members and also spent 50 thousand US Dollars every week to develop the game. One member of the developer also gave the same recognition.

Logan Paul Himself says that the confession is untrue and he will provide further details on his Podcast on January 3, 2023. He also publicly invites Coffezilla on the podcast.

Coffeezilla himself responded that he had invited Logan Paul on his previous show. There is still no continuation of the conversation between these two big YouTubers.

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