Youcef Djoudi Ifbbpro

As a young boy, Youcef Djoudi was a victim of severe bullying. A skinny Arabic kid in a French neighborhood, he became a target for bullies. From the age of 16 till now, Youcef Djoudi has spent his energy building his body, mind, and spirit to become a strong defender against stereotypes. His goal is to help people overcome their pasts and build a bully-free future.


  • 2018
    • First Place in Roumania Pro 2018
    • Third Place in Italy Padova Kay Green Pro 2018
    • Became a Professional Card IFBBPRO Athlete in 2018 in Amsterdam through the William Bonnac classic contest
  • 2019
    • Third Place in Roumania Pro 2019
    • Second Place in Kay Green Pro (Padova, Italy 2019)
    • Seventh Place in Yamamoto Pro Contest (Italy 2019)
    • Sixteenth Place in Kuwait Classic 2019
    • Sixteenth Place in San Marino Pro Italy 2019
    • Thirteenth Place in Portugal 2019
  • 2020
    • Qualified for Olympia 2020 through Spain Alicante European championship
    • Qualified for Olympia 2021 in Orlando, USA
  • 2021
    • Qualified for Olympia 2021 through Spain Alicante European Championship
    • Participated in Olympia Portugal Pro 2021 and achieved a remarkable performance


What motivates Youcef Djoudi the most is seeing young people determined to shift from an unhealthy lifestyle to a balanced and healthy one. If his presence on social media or his success in competitions can offer hope and purpose to lost young individuals or adults, he feels truly satisfied. All of us wish to have a purpose in this world, and contributing to what we love and giving back makes our hard work even more meaningful.


Youcef Djoudi’s aspiration is not just a dream; it’s something bigger. Dreams can vanish when we wake up, but goals are different. When he works hard for them, he can achieve them with his eyes wide open and ready for success!

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