It may be obvious to many, but it’s equally nice to officially know that Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends, three of the most important Xbox games for 2023, will finally give us their exact release date at the end of January, during the showcase that It was just announced yesterday.

The official announcement of the event did not say this specifically… or so we thought: Xbox Germany published the same information that we read yesterday, but with the curious addition about the confirmation of these scheduled release dates during the showcase. Perhaps it was a first draft of the statement that this branch of the company forgot to change, since everything indicates that this was launched by mistake.

“The Developer Direct will focus on impressive highlights, extensive gameplay sessions, and the reveal of release dates for great Xbox games coming in the coming months, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall.”

A fairly clear message when translating the words of this precise statement, and one very different from what can be read in other countries. Xbox may have wanted to keep the surprise, but frankly, half the world expected this to happen at the event, since the stars are more than aligned, and it is time to mark the future of the company with specific dates on the calendar.

Xbox games in 2023

Starfield is undoubtedly the strongest card on Xbox and Bethesda, but this game will have its own presentation later, so let’s focus on what we are about to see this month; Redfall continues to generate interest and confusion due to its resemblance to Left 4 Dead, a doubt that we will surely clear up now that we see it in action again.

Forza Motorsport has left us delighted with its huge graphical improvement over past installments, but we are still short of information regarding new mechanics and other additions. Finally, Minecraft Legends is an interesting strategy formula within the famous Mojang Studios universe, but outside of that, we know almost nothing about it.

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