A video is circulating on social networks showing an alleged foreign woman walking with a rifle on the beaches of Yucatan in the middle of Semana Santa with her partner and two dogs.

In the short video, the woman can be seen carrying an assault rifle behind her back as she walks along the shore of the beach.

This incident alarmed the inhabitants of Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatan, who reported it to the local authorities.

Upon receiving the report, officers of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) went to investigate.

The SSP of Yucatan reported that its officers secured a 4.5-calibre pellet rifle, which is the same one that the woman was walking around with on the beaches of Yucatan in the middle of Easter Week.

According to the Yucatan SSP, the foreign woman stated that she was using the rifle, which looked like a long gun, to hunt local birds.

They also stated that the state police retained the rifle and invited the woman to go to the legal department of the SSP of Yucatan to clarify why she was carrying this pellet weapon.

It was not specified whether this type of weapon is permitted on the beaches of Yucatan, as well as the act of hunting local birds.

This fact has caused outrage among the population, not only because of the woman’s actions but also because of the authorities’ lenient behavior towards her.

Although the AK weapon was confiscated, citizens reported that if a “countryman or countrywoman” had been responsible for such action, the consequences would have been harsher.

“The police did what was necessary and confiscated the weapon in question. However, the issue at hand is not the type of weapon, whether it be an AK or a small firearm, but rather the differential treatment based on factors such as ethnicity, social class, and gender. If the individual carrying the weapon had been a person of color or from a working-class background, they would have faced harsher consequences, potentially even an arrest.”

They added, “An average coastal fisherman or Yucatecan person would have been arrested for much less. Just 20 days ago, the state police unlawfully detained four young people who were defending their right to water and Mayan land. One of them was falsely accused of possessing weapons. It’s important to remember this incident and speak up about the unjust treatment of marginalized communities.”

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