This race of aliens, known for its height of 3 meters and blue color, is the protagonist in Avatar. These beings have already become one of the most recognized in the world, forming part of popular culture. Among the design features that make these aliens so special is their humanoid appearance.

Have you ever wondered why the Na’vi are humanoid in Avatar? Well, an interviewer from Empire Magazine did, and he asked James Cameron himself, in a conversation they had recently to promote ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’. If you want to know what the director said about why the Na’vi are humanoid in Avatar, we’ll tell you below , so read on.

Why are the Na’vi humanoid in Avatar? James Cameron responds

The answer that the filmmaker has given is actually quite apparent and easy to guess. And, it is that, the reason behind the appearance of the Na’vi in ​​the saga is this and not any other, is in the Avatar movie itself. It is true that an explicit answer is not given, but if you pay attention to the legendary 2009 film, you will be able to decipher this solution. Even so, here is what James Cameron said in the aforementioned interview:

He wanted the audience to side with the Indigenous and see humans as space invaders wreaking havoc on their world. A twist on all the ‘aliens invade Earth’ stories we grew up with. I believed that through the power of cinema, the audience could embark on a journey where they would become the enemy , and perhaps, as a result, see themselves, however briefly, as nature perceives alien, Invasive, destroyer.

The Na’vi design was the result of a tough design process with some very talented artists specializing in creating creatures and characters. Some of the early designs were too ambitious or reptilian. He wanted to get close. Since we can become emotionally attached to cats and dogs, I came to the conclusion that we could give the Na’vi tails and expressive ears, which could grant that familiarity. In the end, its most alien features were its size and its color.

Regarding color, green was already taken. There is a long history of green aliens. Besides Hulk. And the human colors, pink and brown, were not alien. Spongebob is yellow. That basically left us with blue and purple. Purple is my favorite color , but I decided that we would use it for the main luminescent colors, associating it with Eywa and anything sacred to the Na’vi. Also, my mother told me that she had a dream in which there was a 10 foot (3 meter) blue woman with 6 breasts. I drew her, but all 6 of her breasts didn’t look as good as they might, plus it would cause age rating issues. So, well… blue.

And you, dear reader, did you think there was some other reason behind why the Na’vi are humanoid in Avatar and their particular design? Do you want to see ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ in theaters? Tell us through social networks , where you can follow us and find out the latest news about Avatar, science fiction and fantasy.

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