Gacha Waifu Games – If asked what types of games have been on the rise in the past few years, maybe many gamers will answer gacha waifu games. Like mushrooms in the rainy season, gacha-type games stick out and fulfill game global landscape.

Take the word Gachapon, a toy vending machine in Japan where buyers exchange coins for toys wrapped in plastic capsules. The note is the pure toys that got it Random aliases we can’t choose. The idea was then applied to virtual games with the chance method –pull based like we pull gachapon earlier.

Why is Gacha Waifu Game Popular?

game gacha waifu

Because it has its roots in Japan, this country which is famous for its anime culture also makes many games with gacha features that come from the country of Sakura with the theme of anime, waifu, and husbando. Various reasons make this type of game go fast and become a game that we often see. But what are the concrete reasons that make the waifu anime game successful as it is now?

Many Waifu and Husbando

game gacha waifu

The main reason of course comes from um character ‘tastes’. Because the target market is otaku anime (whether male or female), of course the developers market their games according to market demand. Neither is that character good looking or cute, or ‘challenging’ all of these can be integrated into a gacha game which is actually a waifu/husbando collector’s game.

Most developers include everything that becomes trope basic anime character like tsundere, yandere, genki, cool, bishounen and many other foreign terms to hook the otaku just now. So don’t be surprised if games like this are usually loved by certain groups.

Most are Free-to-Play

game gacha waifu

Apart from the reasons for taste, the next reason is accessibility. Gacha games usually have a free-to-play status, which means access for the general public to play is of course greater than games that require a transaction of 60 dollars at the start.

Games like this are also usually present on mobile so access for casual players is wide open. Players don’t need to buy a console or PC just to play the gacha game earlier (although you can still play it on a PC via an emulator).

Long Term Commitment Required

game gacha waifu

Most casual gamers don’t need a game to be finished in a matter of hours. They want the game they are playing to have a very long duration or, if possible, unlimited. These games are usually the game-as-a-service type.

Gacha games usually offer content that is updated bit by bit for a consistent duration, be it once a month or once every two months. The content that is given each patch should also be more or less sufficient for that duration of the game. The developers returned to creating content for future patches and this cycle lasted as long as the game was running.

Gacha! Promise Strength!

game gacha waifu

Yes, you read that right. What makes games like this interesting is gacha. Indeed, games like this are not for everyone. But if you look at gamers who are into anime gacha games, when asked why they like playing games like this. Their answer is yes because it is a gacha game.

This type of gamer can be said to be a person who likes ‘betting’ and seeks the thrill of winning and losing. There is no need to go far for the gacha game as an example, in US itself there are already many slot game victims who spend their month’s wages just to bet on games that are clearly gambling.


game gacha waifu

So, from the various points above, if we draw conclusions. The criteria for a gacha game are usually: you have to have an interesting waifu/husbando, the game is free-to-play, can be played in the long term, and has a gacha system. Of course, all of the formulas above are common in any gacha waifu themed game.

So at least according to the author, gacha games must have at least the 4 points above so that otaku gamers can like them. If you play gacha games, why?


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