Yoly Rojas hails from a familial lineage that intertwines the cultural threads of Venezuela and Nicaragua, an intimate ensemble comprising her parents and her two siblings, the appellations of Reyna Rojas Cuadra and Ergen Rojas gracing them.

As of the annals of September 2023, the chronicle of Yoly Rojas’ existence enumerates thirty-five orbits around the radiant sphere of our sun. Notably, she finds herself trailing a solitary year behind her companion, the venerable Mal Wright.

Her paternal progenitor, Jorge Rojas, traces his origins to the quaint town of Coro in Falcon, and his intellectual pursuits culminated in a triumphant graduation from the esteemed Universidad Central del Este.

Within the tapestry of her familial relations, Ergen, her brother, was ushered into the world in the brisk month of December 1993 within the precincts of Evanston, Illinois.

Presently, he has established residence in the bosom of Bloomington, Illinois, where he imparts knowledge as a dedicated educator under the auspices of the Chicago Public Schools, nurturing young minds within the hallowed halls of John H. Mamline Elementary School.

The aspirations that flourish within Yoly Rojas are as expansive as the heavens themselves, and among her myriad dreams, one shines with particular radiance – that of matrimony. Yet, her paramour, Mal Wright, has remained ostensibly indifferent to such a notion.

Thus, she extended to her beloved a protracted ultimatum, spanning eight weeks of contemplation, within which Mal was enjoined to deliberate the fateful decision of espousal or the irrevocable dissolution of their entwined destinies.

The unfolding of this poignant narrative graces the canvas of Netflix’s production, “The Ultimatum: Queer Love.”

This enthralling production premiered its inaugural season on the auspicious date of May 24, 2023, unfolding the stories of five couples, each characterized by a harmonious union of women and non-binary individuals, as they navigate the labyrinthine corridors of affection in search of enlightenment.

For these amorous unions, the act of binding their souls in wedlock stands as an immutable litmus test. While one-half of each couple stands poised to embark upon the solemn journey down the aisle, their counterpart hesitates, wrestling with their apprehensions.

It is within this crucible that the eight-week ultimatum takes root, an exercise fraught with emotional turbulence. During this interval, each participant enters into a simulated marital alliance with a member of another couple, engendering profound soul-searching.

Ultimately, two paths emerge, diverging inextricably.

It was the resplendent Yoly Rojas who issued the ultimatum, a testament to her unwavering desire for Mal Wright to select her as the sole repository of a once-in-a-lifetime commitment.

Alas, the stars did not align in consonance with her aspirations, for Mal yearned to embark upon the hallowed journey of matrimony from a vantage point of fiscal strength and worldly stability, a testament to her sagacious prudence, discerning the weighty responsibilities that accompanied union, and the potential progeny that might grace their shared existence.

In this odyssey of love, Yoly and Mal found themselves in the company of fellow luminaries: Lexi Goldberg and Rae Cheung-Sutton, Mildred Woody and Tiff Der, Sam Mark and Aussie Chau, and Xander Boger and Vanessa Papa.

The serendipitous encounter that kindled the flames of affection between Yoly and Mal transpired amidst the kaleidoscope of Chicago Pride in the waning years of the 2010s.

Their chance rendezvous, though unassuming in its inception, swiftly blossomed into an ardor of unparalleled depth.

Mal, reminiscing upon that fateful moment, recounted Yoly’s vocation as a men’s stylist at Barneys during those halcyon days, prompting a request for her Instagram handle, in a bid to procure discounts from the esteemed retailer.

Their initial acquaintance, buoyed by shared values and principles, steadily evolved into a profound bond. Yet, as the annals of mid-2021 unfurled, they found themselves ensnared in a labyrinthine dilemma.

Their journey had borne witness to the relocation to Seattle and a fleeting separation, yet the reluctance that clung to Mal’s spirit, refraining from the ultimate commitment, threatened to sunder the tapestry they had so carefully woven.

Their vision of the future was not immutable; rather, it flexed and flowed, shaped by their shared aspirations for heart and progeny.

Mal’s anxieties undoubtedly cast a long shadow upon their prospects, a specter that was substantiated when Yoly embarked upon the “Ultimatum” experiment, her trial marriage with Xander Boger unwittingly affirming Mal’s reservations.

Xander, the embodiment of the archetype that had haunted Mal’s imaginings, forged an immediate connection with Yoly, exacerbating her beloved’s uncertainties.

The three-week trial marriage with Lexi Goldberg, though devoid of physical intimacy, served as an unexpected catalyst, challenging Mal’s preconceived notions regarding the timeline of their shared journey.

Conversely, Yoly’s burgeoning connection with Xander unraveled swiftly, an amorous whirlwind that threatened the foundations of their years-long relationship.

In the crucible of their shared experience, the fears that had gripped Mal were vindicated, underscoring the profundity of their journeys towards the altar.

During the runtime of “The Ultimatum: Queer Love,” Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright remained reticent about their relationship status.

Their initial encounter, a serendipitous meeting at Chicago Pride in 2019, evolved organically into a profound companionship, culminating in their participation in the Netflix production.

In summation, Yoly regarded Mal as not only her beloved but also as her confidant and collaborator in navigating the vicissitudes of life’s tribulations, a steadfast companion committed to the resolution of even the most seemingly inconsequential disagreements.

Describing herself as a “Latina, wardrobe curator, and sunset hunter,” Yoly Rojas, in the year 2023, had flourished as a freelance personal stylist for a span exceeding three years.

In her own words, she elucidated her vocation as a unique creative, stylist, and image consultant, casting her transformative aura upon both luminaries and spaces, characterized by a multifaceted approach to style and aesthetics.

Before her tenure as a freelance stylist, Yoly had enriched her professional repertoire with a six-month stewardship as the General Manager of Likelihood, an upscale sneaker boutique and creative haven nestled within the heart of Seattle.

Furthermore, she had held the exalted position of General Director at Akira Shop for an impressive seven and a half years, where her responsibilities encompassed the recruitment, interviews, and development of top-tier store managers and assistants across multiple locations, harmonizing with the evolving exigencies of the business.

Her sojourn as a stylist had transpired across distinct domains, spanning a year and a half at the venerable Neiman Marcus Group and a distinguished three-year tenure at the prestigious Barneys New York.

Delving into her academic pursuits, Yoly embarked upon a course of study in General Communications at Northeastern Illinois University, commencing in the year 2006 and culminating in 2010.

In the realm of stature, Yoly Rojas stands beneath the aegis of five feet and four inches, her distinctive features adorned by a cascade of dark, resplendent curls and a tableau of tattoos that grace her shoulders, arms, and back.

According to the annals of TikTok, her visage has evoked comparisons to luminaries of the caliber of Selena Gomez, Lizzo, and Beyoncé.

Yoly Rojas traces the genesis of her existence to the vibrant metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, and as the chronicles of 2023 unfold, she finds herself ensconced within the embrace of her hometown, where birthday greetings and well-wishes grace her on the seventeenth day of August.

For those inclined to embark upon a digital pilgrimage in her ethereal footsteps, Yoly Rojas may be encountered in the digital realm through her Instagram handle, elegantly inscribed as @yolyredrum.

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