Within the influencer industry, the cutthroat and petty nature of competition prevails, even in the realm of condiment content creation. The peculiar feud over the first Mustard Lady of TikTok has captivated many.

Defining the Reign:

For those not embroiled in the ongoing drama surrounding the title of the condiment queen, it may seem perplexing to determine what qualifies someone as the sovereign of mustard, and why it matters.

The Fierce Subculture: As with any online subculture, the food and wellness community’s followers of influencers can exhibit fierce loyalty and territorial behavior. The mere question of who initiated a trend can ignite a war of thousands of comments.

The Simmering Conflict: The dispute over which woman first gained recognition by smearing food with mustard and filming herself consuming it has been brewing for some time. Recently, the issue came to the forefront when one of the potential Mustard Queens addressed the matter.

Tiffany Magee’s Response: On June 11, Tiffany Magee (@tiffanyymcgee) responded to a comment questioning her resemblance to the “real mustard lady.” Displaying admirable dedication to her personal brand, Magee, whose weight loss journey was recently covered by the Daily Mail, bit into a chunk of broccoli dipped in cottage cheese and mustard as she provided a saucy response.

@tiffanyymagee Replying to @Tabitha C’mon TABITHUUUH #mustardallday #mustardallnight #mustard4life ♬ original sound – TiffanyElizabeth | Weight Loss

A Plethora of Mustard Ladies: Magee astutely pointed out that the existence of numerous mustard ladies on the platform cannot be denied. The hashtag #MustardQueen has garnered over 8 million views on TikTok, while #MustardLady boasts over 20 million. The content primarily features women chugging mustard, denouncing ketchup, and devouring various foods drenched in mustard. Magee started a popular trend that involves dipping sausages or carrots in mustard and cottage cheese before consuming them on camera. One can only ponder the fascination audiences find in watching predominantly women take hefty bites of elongated foods adorned with yellow and white condiments.

The Coronation: Inevitably, despite Magee’s valid observation regarding the abundance of mustard ladies, people continued to crown their favored Mustard Queen in the comment section. Magee’s loyal fans eagerly rallied behind her, with one asserting that they had been dipping food in the low- or no-calorie condiment since 2018. Another devoted follower expressed, “You’re my mustard lady. I have yet to witness anyone else replicate what you do.”

Acknowledging the Absurdity: Some individuals, including Magee herself, acknowledged the absurdity surrounding the debate. However, this did not dissuade others from anointing their own Mustard Queens. Influencers such as Hailey Peters (@happyhealthyhailey) and Auntie Lisa (@absolutely.lisa) were proposed as the original wearers of the condiment crown.

Magee’s Declaration: Magee responded to the escalating popularity of her TikTok video, which has garnered nearly 5 million views, by posting a follow-up video emphatically declaring herself the original Mustard Queen.

Auntie Lisa’s Response: As the controversy gained momentum, another contender, Auntie Lisa, responded to the videos she was being tagged in while assembling a chicken burger. She humorously relinquished any claim to the throne, acknowledging the presence of numerous mustard enthusiasts. Auntie Lisa expressed sympathy for Magee, referring to her as the “poor girl” who consistently consumes raw vegetables dipped in mustard, all while enduring a barrage of angry comments from those insistent on dethroning her.

Unity on the Mustard Throne: In Auntie Lisa’s perspective, there is room for all on the Mustard Throne. She advocates for inclusivity, exclaiming, “Mustard for all!” while brandishing her bottle of mustard like a scepter. She implores those who wish to discredit others as false mustard idols to “be nice” and abandon the notion of gatekeeping the throne. Her stance promotes the idea that everyone can revel in their love for mustard simultaneously, without contention or restrictions.

Determining the true Mustard Queen lies in the hands of each individual. However, before you take a plunge into Mustard Queen TikTok, heed the warning from one of Magee’s followers: “I made one mustard video and apparently, I was copying someone. I avoid mustard when it comes to TikTok.” Should you choose to explore the realm of Mustard Queen TikTok, be prepared for the emergence of sharp knives dripping with yellow condiment, metaphorically speaking.

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