Tessa Thompson, an accomplished American actress, currently stands at the age of 39. She embarked upon her professional acting journey with the esteemed Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company.

In a memorable debut, she graced the first episode of the 2005 CBS Crime drama series “Cold Case,” portraying the character of a 1930s lesbian bootlegger.

Tessa, born on the 3rd of October, 1983, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, proudly claims her American nationality. As a luminary of the stage, she has diligently prepared for captivating productions such as “The Tempest” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

With a firm dedication to her craft, Tessa Thompson has rightfully earned the title of an actress extraordinaire. Fondly referred to as “Tess” by those closest to her, this seasoned artist has gracefully entered her 39th year of life.

Remaining steadfast in her faith, Tessa adheres to the Christian religion, while her celestial alignment bestows upon her the sign of Libra.

Tessa possesses a statuesque stature, measuring approximately 1.62 meters in height, complemented by a svelte weight of 55 kilograms. Her ebony locks cascade in striking contrast to her mesmerizing brown eyes, forming an enchanting visage.

Her lineage traces back to her father, Marc Anthony Thompson, a renowned singer, while her mother boasts a rich heritage of European and Mexican descent.

Regrettably, specific details regarding her siblings remain elusive, and we shall endeavor to provide this information when it becomes available.

In recent news, Rita Ora has come forth to clarify misunderstandings regarding her relationship. It appears that both Tessa and Taika Waititi, with their shared penchant for libations, have inadvertently stirred the pot of gossip. It is imperative to rectify such misconceptions.

Tessa Thompson’s financial standing is nothing short of impressive, with an estimated net worth hovering around the $5 million mark. Her annual earnings are a formidable $500,000, bolstered by a monthly income of $40,000.

She has etched her name in cinematic history, most notably for her portrayal of Valkyrie in the illustrious Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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