Rod Razavi epitomizes the archetype of a true Southern gentleman and a consummate socialite. His ability to forge friendships effortlessly wherever his path may lead him is a hallmark of his character.

Yet, what has recently captured the public eye is his burgeoning romantic interest in the Season 8 debutante, Olivia Flowers.

Initially apprehensive, Mr. Razavi eventually succumbed to curiosity and embarked on a journey through the annals of the show’s past.

He invested several days in perusing the inaugural episode of the preceding season, finally arriving at the conviction that “I possess an innate understanding of the milieu. It resonates with my sensibilities.”

Rod Razavi did not shy away from sharing his reservations regarding his induction into the cast. When the producers scoured for candidates to grace their ensemble, he emerged as the paragon of their selection.

At a recent Bravo event, Olivia jestingly asserted that Rod had no alternative; he was seemingly thrust into the spotlight. On his part, Mr. Razavi remained perpetually ensnared by concerns of whether he would “assimilate” seamlessly into the existing dynamic.

Furthermore, Mr. Razavi elaborated on his extensive exposure to Southern charm and etiquette over the years. He exudes an aversion to conflict and aspires to assume the role of a conciliator rather than a fount of discord on the show.

Before his televised debut, Rod Razavi identified Austen as someone he knew rather intimately. He anticipated an “intriguing” synergy between them.

In financial circles, it is rumored that Rod Razavi commands a net worth of over $2.5 million, as of September 2023.

LinkedIn provides insight into Mr. Razavi’s professional journey. His tenure as a Director at ChemoCars commenced in March 2017, and he found equal enjoyment in his role as Director of Integrations and Conversions at Group Zuri from April 2013.

While his television persona portrays him as a computer programmer on the Southern Charm show, Mr. Razavi’s passion and acumen for technology have deep roots. However, it was during his tenure at the Rochester Institute of Technology that he honed his programming prowess.

He proudly holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from RIT. During his academic sojourn at Rochester, he dedicated three years to varsity tennis, ultimately captaining the team to a league championship in his senior year.

Beyond the tennis court, Rod indulges his ardor for soccer, fervently supports Cincinnati sports franchises, and embarks on globetrotting adventures.

Rod M Razavi made his debut into this world in 1982, celebrating his fortieth birthday in 2022.

The patriarch of the Razavi clan, Ali Razavi, is renowned as a cardiologist at the Trihealth Heart Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, a position he has held since July 1979. He also maintains affiliations with Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati.

Guity Razavi, Rod’s mother, features on her Facebook profile as an alumna of the Nemazee School of Nursing, where she pursued her studies from 1965 to 1968. On her LinkedIn, she humbly describes herself as a homemaker.

Within the Razavi family circle, there exists a brother and a sister.

Susan Razavi Abouhassan, hailing from Columbus, Ohio, recently marked her forty-sixth birthday in January 2023. Following in her father’s illustrious footsteps, Susan earned her medical degree from Wright State Boonshoft University School of Medicine.

Presently, she serves as an allergist-immunologist in Columbus, Ohio. Susan has forged a matrimonial bond with her university compatriot, William A. Abouhassan, a distinguished plastic surgeon in the same locale.

Conversely, Bobak Razavi, Rod’s brother, veered away from the medical realm, embarking on a journey in the field of law. He pursued his JD at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

His LinkedIn profile extols him as a professor specializing in global issues and American history at SPA, concurrently the founder and director of the Film & Frolic film camp. Bobak once exchanged vows with Kate Sorensen Razavi, an accomplished litigator and attorney.

Though by nationality Persian, Rod Razavi is more precisely identified as Iranian-American.

On the Southern Charm stage, Rod Razavi assumes the role of a prominent figure within Charleston’s social milieu. He embodies the quintessential Southern gentleman who has beguiled Olivia, irrespective of potential repercussions.

Olivia’s official profile on emphasizes her decision to shift her focus away from Austen as she ventures into the Charleston dating landscape with a new suitor, none other than Rod himself.

The season’s trailer tantalizingly showcases Rod and Olivia sharing an intimate moment, igniting intrigue. Another scene depicts Rod engaging in conversation with Austen, where he confesses, “I was out with Olivia.”

At this juncture, the trajectory of their relationship remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Rod Razavi alluded to the complexities that ensued after he embarked on a date with Olivia in front of the cameras. The lingering presence of Olivia’s former boyfriend within their shared social circle added a layer of intricacy to their budding connection.

Rod Razavi stands just under 5’11” in stature.

While originally hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Rod Razavi has called Charleston, South Carolina, his abode for the past 18 years.

Rod Razavi’s birthday aligns closely with November 16, categorizing him as a Scorpio if the former date proves accurate.

For those seeking to connect with Rod Razavi, his Instagram handle can be found at @rodrazavi.

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