Delfina Wagner, a 19-year-old liberal influencer and journalist, has gained attention in the entertainment world for her romantic involvement with Walter “Alfa” Santiago, a former participant of Gran Hermano. However, she was already well-known on social media and television for her political opinions.

Delfina Wagner

Delfina Wagner

Recently, amidst criticism of the age difference between her and Alfa, Delfina admitted on Ulises Jaitt’s radio program that they had started a relationship. She described Alfa as extremely intelligent, gentlemanly, respectful, humble, interesting, and having a lot to share about social media and public image management.

Delfina identifies as a communicator, open-minded liberal, and politically incorrect. She is also known as the youngest political panelist in the country, with over 59 thousand followers on both Twitter and Instagram. Her YouTube channel features interviews with Argentine political figures and her general positions.

Despite her fame, Delfina has faced backlash for her rejection of feminism and popular currents. She has also recently been in conflict with “LAM” panelist Estefi Berardi, who asked her about her relationship with Alfa. Delfina was unhappy with the question and publicly criticized Berardi’s past behavior.

In addition to her journalism work on “La tarde de Crónica,” Delfina has also been linked romantically with singer Chano Charpentier.

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