Ben Argall hails from the quaint town of Ishpeming, Michigan. However, in the annals of 2023, he found himself ensconced in Negaunee, Michigan, dwelling within a domicile meticulously crafted by his great-grandfather in the bygone year of 1937.

The nomadic proclivities of Ben Argall have been a constant theme in his life since the year 2017.

Yet, it was not until the advent of 2022 that his star ascended, catching the discerning eye of a casting director responsible for assembling the ensemble of contestants for the illustrious televised competition, “Battle on the Beach.”

It is with this serendipitous twist of fate that Ben now basks in the radiant limelight of international recognition.

Ben Argall, in his habitual manner, had consistently shared his transformative real estate endeavors via social media platforms.

Thus, an ordinary day for this real estate virtuoso transpired, until the casting director of “Battle on the Beach” chanced upon his digital portfolio and extended the golden ticket invitation to join HGTV’s distinguished show.

In due course, Ben found himself in the esteemed company of a licensed carpenter from the locality, one Peter Meldrum, as they embarked on this arduous competition.

“Battle on the Beach” unfolded as a captivating saga featuring three formidable teams, including Ben and Peter, guided by luminaries in the realms of design and renovation: Taniya Nayak, Ty Pennington, and Alison Victoria.

The saga unfurled in a trio of idyllic two-bedroom, two-bathroom waterfront abodes. Albeit, these residences were not equal in stature, as one domicile boasted an additional 200 square feet. This disparity precipitated an initial skirmish, where teams vied to claim their renovation canvas.

Moreover, each team was shackled by a rather frugal budget, a mere $90,000, to orchestrate their visionary transformations.

Ultimately, the astute discernment of judges Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, in conjunction with a panel of local real estate luminaries, culminated in the distinction awarded to the team that augmented their coastal sanctuary’s value most splendidly, graced with a munificent cash prize of $50,000.

The premiere of the third season of “Battle on the Beach” ushered in the melodious symphony of kitchen and dining room rejuvenation, setting the stage for an enchanting metamorphosis of every coastal haven.

Subsequent episodes bore witness to Ben, Peter, and their fellow competitors weaving their magic through living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor domains, transmuting the mundane into the realm of the ethereal.

“In my design philosophy, I tend to pay homage to the classical aesthetic, whilst unreservedly embracing the kaleidoscope of bold and vibrant colors, such as jewel tones, cerulean-green, and resplendent magenta,” articulated Ben, before his foray into the show’s transformative escapades.

By the temporal horizon of 2023, Ben Argall boasted a net worth eclipsing the million-dollar milestone.

Embarking upon his professional journey as a sales associate at You Guys Inc., Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, in May of 2005, Ben’s career trajectory unfurled methodically.

After four and a half years, he transitioned to Edward Jones in the capacity of a branch administrator, before charting an artistic course as a Director in art and advertising with Art On Ice in 2011.

Concurrently, in that very year, Ben inaugurated Blue Mohawk Studio, a creative crucible wherein he painted wildlife, landscapes, and abstract compositions with a deft hand, using latex enamel.

Alas, the world of art did not fully satiate his aspirations. Thus, in 2014, he embarked upon a real estate odyssey, commencing his tenure as a real estate agent at Re/Max 1st Realty.

Following nearly half a decade of fruitful endeavors, he embarked upon a new chapter at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., and, in the immediate aftermath of parting ways with Keller in January 2021, the Argall Real Estate Group was conceived.

Presently, the mantle of Ben’s vocation finds him assuming the role of a real estate broker at NextHome Superior Living.

Furthermore, his eminence extends to the prestigious position of president-elect at the Upper Peninsula Realtors, concurrently adorning the board of the City of Ishpeming Planning Commission.

As the annals of time unfurled, Ben, through his indomitable spirit and profound acumen, facilitated the sale of more than 211 properties throughout the expanse of Michigan.

In the interstices of his rigorous professional life, Ben finds solace in the harmonious cadence of the piano, the culinary arts, and the art of hospitality.

Concerning his educational endeavors, Ben traversed the hallowed halls of Northern Michigan University from 2007 to 2013, culminating in an Associate of Arts and Sciences.

In 2010, he embarked upon a sojourn at the New England College of Business, emerging therefrom with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.

Subsequently, in 2017, the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design bore witness to his scholarly pursuits, as he delved into the realms of interior design.

As the curtains rose in the year 2023, Ben Argall was a sprightly 34-year-old, a year younger when he embarked upon his journey through the kaleidoscopic spectacle of “Battle on the Beach.”

Ben’s genesis can be traced to the proud lineage of his parents, Michael S. and Pam Argall. Regrettably, Michael’s earthly sojourn was abruptly terminated on September 8, 2012, at the tender age of 51, succumbing to injuries incurred in an ill-fated ATV mishap in the vicinity of Clear Lake in Champion Township.

Michael, a luminary in his own right, matriculated from the New England Institute of Technology, and he toiled diligently at ME International Foundry in North Lake from 1987 to 1992, subsequently joining the ranks of Cliffs Michigan Mining (CCI) until his untimely demise.

Ben, with profound reverence, paid homage to his father in June 2022, acknowledging the inescapable truth that he was indeed his father’s progeny in myriad ways beyond mere physical resemblance. Each passing Father’s Day serves as a poignant reminder of their untimely estrangement.

In contrast, Ben’s mother, Pamela Kay Calhoun, reached the age of 61 in January 2023. She wielded her managerial acumen in her capacity at TruNorth FCU and resided in the bucolic confines of Ishpeming, Michigan, alongside her husband, Kevin Calhoun.

Following the dissolution of her 28-year marriage, precipitated by the tragic demise of her husband, Pamela embarked upon a quest for love anew, eventually entering into wedded bliss with Kevin on August 31, 2018.

A heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to his mother attests to the pivotal role she played in Ben’s life, ardently supporting his ambitions and aspirations.

Ben’s sibling, Katelyn R. Argall, graced the halls of Ishpeming Public Schools and Northern Michigan University, culminating in a graduation diploma.

Residing in Livingston, Montana, Katelyn pursued a career in Grants Research Project Management at Montana State University while navigating the seas of singularity.

As for Ben’s romantic inclinations, he remains unwed, awaiting the advent of the “right gentleman” to traverse the corridors of his heart.

For the uninitiated, it bears noting that Ben is an openly gay individual. Throughout his 31.5-year sojourn on this mortal coil, he has been entwined in a relationship for a mere 1.75 years, effectively spending 12 years in the realm of open acceptance.

Venturing into the labyrinthine realm of gay dating, Ben candidly described it as a perilous odyssey fraught with emotional vicissitudes.

He shared his vexation on Instagram, lamenting the propensity for cancellations and expressing gratitude for the unwavering love and support of his clients, friends, and family.

Ben postulates that the intricate demands of his career might account for the geographical chasms that often loom large in the realm of online dating. He ponders the transformation of his urban circle and contemplates the enigmatic trajectory of his professional voyage.

Ben Argall, a towering presence at over 6 feet (183 cm), boasts distinctive attributes, including a luxuriant crown of brown hair, piercing azure eyes, and an impeccably tattooed physique.

However, it is worth noting that Ben’s journey toward physical wellness commenced only in 2021, a decision that propelled him into the realms of sobriety and a rigorous fitness regimen.

To expedite this transformative journey, he enlisted the expertise of a nutritionist and personal trainer, resulting in a remarkable reduction of over 5% in body fat within eight months.

The annual commemoration of Ben Argall’s birth takes place on the 4th day of May, a date to which his followers can extend their felicitations via his Instagram account, @ben_argall.

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