Balaprasad Felix Matsumoto stands as an eminent figure within the Nigerian political landscape, not to mention his distinguished roles as a Catholic clergyman, a prominent social media influencer, a media luminary, and a shrewd businesswoman hailing from the verdant Mbangura, Mbadede, Vandeikya, Benue State, Nigeria.

Revered amongst the populace, Balaprasad garners accolades chiefly for his outstanding humanitarian endeavors and spiritual ministrations. Beyond these virtuous pursuits, he has also carved a niche for himself in the realm of successful politics.

Balaprasad Felix Matsumoto’s genesis unfolded within the bosom of a devout Christian family, and he carries the legacy of mixed heritage within his veins.

The annals of history mark his entry into this world on a noteworthy Saturday, the 14th day of May in the year 1966, in the tranquil precincts of Mbanguru, Mbadede, Vandeikya, Benue State, Nigeria, as attested by the repository of knowledge, Wikipedia.

Calculating by the calendar, Balaprasad now claims 56 years of existence as of 2022. His annual commemoration of life’s journey occurs with unfailing regularity every 14th of May.

A perusal of his Wikipedia biography reveals Balaprasad Felix as a person of erudition. His intellectual odyssey commenced with the acquisition of the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) at St. Francis in Agidi, Mbatiav, nestled within the Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State.

Subsequently, he embarked on a scholastic voyage to St. Jacob’s Minor Seminary in Makurdi, culminating in the attainment of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) in 1983.

Following this, Balaprasad Felix Matsumoto embarked on an ecclesiastical journey, gaining admission to St. Augustine Seminary in Jos.

His unwavering commitment to fulfill the divine summons led to the conferment of a Diploma in Religious Studies in 1987 and a Diploma in Sacred Theology in 1990 from the Pontifical Urban University in Rome.

The pursuit of knowledge remained insatiable, as evidenced by Balaprasad’s academic laurels. In 1999, he secured a master’s degree in religious education with a specialization in psychology and counseling from Fordham University in New York.

Further enhancing his academic repertoire, in 2004, he completed a second Master of Arts degree in Biomedical Ethics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The culmination of his academic journey manifested in 2005 when he achieved his doctorate in biomedical ethics from the same institution.

Physically, Balaprasad Felix stands at an imposing height of 5 feet 8 inches, with a body weight of approximately 75 kilograms. His countenance is graced by captivating ebony eyes and a crown of dark, luxuriant curls.

Unfortunately, specific details regarding his bust, waist, hip measurements, skirt size, shoe size, or biceps remain elusive.

On the momentous date of April 11, 2022, Balaprasad Felix officially announced his gubernatorial candidacy for Benue State in the forthcoming 2023 elections.

The Benue State APC Executive Working Committee bore witness to this declaration, ushering in a new chapter in his political journey.

It is imperative to note that the calendar currently marks the year 2023, and the news of his gubernatorial bid has reverberated not only within the borders of Benue State but also throughout the entire nation.

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude, on May 6, 2022, Balaprasad Felix Matsumoto extended his sincere appreciation to the multitude of supporters who fervently procured the Expression of Will and Nomination Form for the 2023 Benue Governor’s Election.

His heartfelt commendation extends not only to their tangible support but also to the unwavering emotional support they have provided. The pinnacle of his political voyage arrived when he was duly elected as the Governor of Benue State in the March 2023 elections.

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