Amanda Wilhelm, an aspiring fitness influencer, frequently shares her daily meal routines and fitness insights on her Instagram platform. Hailing from Wheeling, WV, she now resides in Leesville, LA as of 2023.

Amanda Wilhelm stands at an impressive height exceeding 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm). She possesses lustrous dark hair, and captivating brown eyes, and maintains a commendable level of physical fitness.

As of 2023, Amanda Wilhelm’s net worth amounts to an impressive $250,000.

While some individuals take years to recover from the anguish of heartbreak, Amanda Wilhelm exhibited remarkable resilience as she swiftly embarked on a new chapter with Razvan Ciocoi following the tragic loss of her husband.

Furthermore, she agreed to introduce their budding relationship on the television show “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.”

Allow us to delve deeper into Amanda’s intriguing journey as this biography unfolds.

Amanda and Razvan Ciocoi initially kept their relationship concealed, but intriguingly, Razvan’s Facebook relationship status now states “single,” implying a potential separation.

So, what factors might have led to their parting? Several elements come into play, including Razvan’s burgeoning career in the realms of modeling and acting, Amanda’s tumultuous past, her quest for a dependable partner, and the disparity in their ages.

Many individuals even speculated that Amanda might need counseling rather than a new romantic endeavor. A Twitter user expressed, “This young lady requires professional guidance; he is not a foreign national.”

Another opined, “People appear to be rushing into engagements with individuals from Romania instead of seeking therapy.”

Amanda’s sister, who featured prominently on the show, vehemently opposed their relationship.

She astutely pointed out that Amanda’s swift attraction to another man on social media following her husband’s demise could merely be a manifestation of her desire to fill a profound emotional void.

Nevertheless, heedless of the admonitions, Amanda remained resolute in her decision to pursue a relationship with Razvan through online channels.

She even displayed remarkable tolerance for Razvan’s involvement in the entertainment industry, including online flirtations and on-screen romantic scenes with other women.

Amanda candidly admitted during Episode 1, “I’m opening up to Razvan, and it’s a daunting prospect because what if he isn’t the person he appears to be over the phone? What if reality differs significantly?”

Amanda was married to her late husband, Jason Wilhelm, for a substantial span of 12 years, until his unfortunate passing on March 19, 2022, at the tender age of 45. Jason was a charismatic, caring, and resilient individual who valiantly battled stage 4 ampulla cancer.

Amanda and Jason are parents to two children, Aleena and Jason Wilhelm Jr., born on July 1, 2015. Amanda personally undertook the responsibility of homeschooling her offspring.

To delve deeper into Jason’s medical journey, his initial hospital visits were prompted by discomfort and pain in his lungs. Subsequent medical evaluations delivered the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 ampulla cancer, which had metastasized throughout his body.

Medical professionals indicated that with chemotherapy, he would have the best chance of extending his life by approximately three months.

Tragically, Jason’s family, comprising his parents, Judy Wilhelm Miller and Paul Miller, along with his siblings, Tom Mintz, Jon Jackson, and Alicia Anderson, were not present to support Amanda and her children after Jason’s demise.

Amanda vented her frustration on Facebook, stating, “Shout out to my late husband’s family for staying in touch with his kids and being there for them, not just for the little things but also for holidays and birthdays, so they could feel at least a semblance of connection to their departed father… oh wait… they don’t.”

Amanda’s children once inquired, “Will you share Razvan’s bed?” when she prepared to meet the aspiring actor. To this, Amanda responded that she would most likely sleep on the couch.

At the time of her appearance on “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days” in 2023, Amanda Wilhelm was 31 years old, a mere five years older than Razvan.

Amanda Wilhelm hails from a family of six. Regrettably, both her parents, Richard and Dolly (Morris) Green, have long since departed this world.

Additionally, Amanda faced the tragic loss of her sister, Ashley Noel Green, on April 10, 2022, at the tender age of twenty-nine.

She possessed a gentle and amiable spirit, with an ardent passion for engaging in softball matches, embarking on picturesque hikes, and cherishing the company of our furry, four-legged friends.

Turning our attention to another facet of her familial tapestry, Amber Green, who recently celebrated her forty-first birthday in April of 2023.

Amber’s academic journey culminated in her graduation from Washington State Community College, and she currently calls Marietta, Ohio, her abode, where she resides alongside her betrothed, Corey Spearman.

A poignant lament resonates through Amanda’s words, as she poetically expressed her deep yearning for Ashley Noel in a heartfelt Facebook post from January 2023, exclaiming,

“I profoundly miss you, Ashley Noel, an ache that resides within me. Oh, how I fervently wish to journey back in time, to mend the fragments of our shared history.”

It is worth noting that Amber also occupies a notable presence in the realm of reality television, as she has graced the screen in “90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days,” albeit in a role portrayed as the less-than-enthusiastic sister.

Regrettably, the contours of her brother James Milton Ryder’s life remain largely obscured, shrouded in mystery.

As a tidbit of trivia, one would be remiss not to mention Amanda’s devoted aunt, Theresa, who nobly shouldered the responsibility of tending to Amanda’s progeny during her quest to discover the elusive elixir of love.

For those seeking to traverse the visual tapestry of Amanda Wilhelm’s life, her Instagram handle beckons at @amanda.wilhelm_.

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