With a catalog of more than 40 million titles, it includes a tool that allows you to design your own games and then share them with the entire community. We tell you what it is and how to take the first steps on the platform.

Approximately 20 million players gather daily on Roblox to enjoy the more than 40 million games that the platform offers; most of them, players between 7 and 12 years old. Free to access, it also works as a metaverse in which each user enters with their personalized avatar, explores the worlds, interacts with others, plays in multiplayer mode, has their own currency…

Accessible from computers, mobile devices, consoles, and even compatible with virtual reality glasses, its greatest peculiarity is that all the games have been developed entirely by users through a tool, Roblox Studio, which allows anyone to easily create them. following the instructions and using already preconfigured templates. Hence its educational potential, since it is possible to develop activities adapted to the content that is being worked on in class, and it can even be used as an alternative for students to delve into programming and learn to develop video games.

How to get started with Roblox

Although access to Roblox is free, it does require registration. Just enter the date of birth, a username, a password and choose a gender to do so. Once the account is created, the user’s profile will appear on the main screen, which can be configured and customized, as well as a selection of the main worlds available. The interface is quite similar to that of a digital store, such as Google Play, and has different categories and menus, among which are:

  • Discover: Where you can see the available Roblox games
  • Profile: to change the avatar’s clothing and user information
  • Messages: to contact other players
  • Friends: made up of the list of friends and requests
  • Inventory: where all the objects obtained are kept
  • Trade: A menu dedicated to trading items with other players
  • Groups – where the player can join community groups with similar tastes

Playing is as simple as choosing a title and clicking on the green button with the ‘play’ symbol. Most of the games are free, but if the Robux (Roblox’s official currency) with a number appears instead of this symbol, it means that access is paid.

Roblox Studio: create your own game

Roblox Studio is the tool used to create your own games that are located in different worlds also designed by the user. It is available for Windows and Mac computers and, to use it, you need to download it at this link . Once installed, you just have to log in with the same account created in Roblox. It’s free and has a very easy-to-use interface, since it’s designed for children: in it, the user can select a template and use the creation guides to design their own systems and mechanics. To facilitate the process, the platform also provides videos and guides on the official Roblox YouTube channel and on the official website ., where you can read and consult many official guide articles.

The programming language used by Roblox Studio is Lua, which offers many objects and functionalities already created, therefore, it is ideal for those users who do not have great knowledge in this area. Each person can create up to 200 games on Roblox, which they then share and enjoy on mobile devices as well.

publish a game

After creating a game, it will appear in the ‘My creations’ tab and under ‘Experiences’. In the information, under the title, you will see an icon with the symbol of an eye that can be green (which means that it is already public) or gray (which means that it is private and only the creator can share it with Other users). To change its status, you just have to click on the visibility icon and decide to make it public or private.

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