For those of you who have played Genshin Impact since its release, of course you are already familiar with the term Snapshot. Yep, you can find this term in various video showcases or building a Genshin Impact character. Of course, Snapshot Genshin Impact has its own meaning.

Curious as to what the explanation is? Let’s look at the following review from Gamedaim. Don’t forget to share the following information with your colleagues too.

Genshin Impact Snapshot, Terms and Meanings

Broadly speaking, Snapshot is a term developed by the Genshin Impact community and players. Furthermore, Snapshot is a condition when statuses such as (DMG Bonus, CRIT, ATK, etc.) derived from character talents (Skill, Burst, Passive) continue to last unchanged since being activated. Later, the buffs that the character has gotten will continue to be carried over until the talent duration runs out even though the buff’s duration has run out first.

Generally, when your character performs a skill or burst, that character will record statuses such as ATK, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, DEF, and so on. Later, all of these statuses will be “photographed” to increase the power of your skills.

Simply put, Bennet’s burst can increase the burst of characters like Xiangling. In general, you will definitely use the Bennet burst first and then the Xiangling burst which is used in the Bennet burst area.

So, Xiangling will get an ATK buff from Bennet and this ATK status will continue to be in Xiangling’s burst even though Bennet’s burst duration has run out first. In fact, Bennet’s buff status will continue to carry over even if Xiangling is outside Bennet’s burst area.

Only Some Characters Can Use It

Currently, not many characters can use Snapshot. Noted, there are only 25 characters that can use Snapshot. Some of the popular characters are Kamisato Ayaka, Kamisato Ayato, and Ganyu.

So, indeed Snapshot is one of its own values ​​for a character. It’s no wonder that characters like Xiangling or Kamisato Ayaka are very popular among Genshin Impact fans.

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