Genshin Impact Descender – For those of you who have finished Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 5, Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises, then you must be familiar with the term ‘Descender’. We only know this term after being explained by Nahida at the Archon Quest end.

So what exactly is Descender in the Genshin Impact game? Are they food, objects, or people? Let’s see the explanation below.

What is a Genshin Impact Descender?

descender genshin impact

Descenders” the term used by Fatui for para outlanders who are not from the world of Teyvat. Since they are from outside Teyvat, of course the laws of this world don’t apply to them. In addition, they are known to have high insight and on average their knowledge is difficult for residents of Teyvat to understand.

And every Descender that appears can influence and change the world order of Teyvat. Hence, they are always monitored by Fatui Harbingers. Information and memories about them are not recorded to Irminsul, a tree that records all information in Teyvat. Even when Irminsul is damaged, their memory will not be affected.

For example, only the Traveler remembers Greater Lord Rukkhadevata after his entire existence was removed from Irminsul. This change also applies to items like books and even descriptions in-game To install Nahida.

Nahida Who Forgot Rukkhadevata's Existence As The First Dendro Archon

Another example is when Scaramouche removes himself from Irminsul and again only the Traveler remembers his being in Teyvat. And Nahida, who at that time also had lost her memory of Scaramouche, even though at that time Scaramouche’s figure was very crucial for her.

Luckily, Dendro Archon was able to restore his memory by turning Scaramouche’s story into a fairy tale narrative that Irminsul couldn’t tamper with. Then, Nahida managed to match the ‘fairytale’ which he had made in the past just in case with information from the Traveler.

Is the Traveler’s Twin Also a Genshin Impact Descender?

Is the Traveler's Twin a Descender Too?

It should be noted that Fatui does not classify the Traveler’s twin as a Descender and considers himself to be present from one of the thousands of stars and his journey across Teyvat after the collapse of Khaenri’ah is also recorded into the Irminsul.

Lesser Lord Kusanali says that the Traveler’s twin means it really is from Teyvat even though there is a discrepancy with the Traveler’s memories. The Traveler himself becomes suspicious that something is wrong with his own memories or ‘This world‘ had done something to their double.

Scaramouche (Wanderer) also says that their differences may be related to Khaenri’ah, something he had learned from Pierro.

Who Are These Genshin Impact Descenders?

Who are the First, Second, and Third Descenders?

Who are the First, Second, and Third Descenders?

If the Traveler is the 4th Descender, then there must be a first, second, and third Descender. However, Nahida as the person who told us about Descender refused to answer this question until she was absolutely sure.

However, he believed that it was Celestia or an Heavenly Principles entity is the first Descender who has a very complicated form because he can be compared to the principles and laws in Teyvat itself.

So, according to Nahida, the first Descender is filled by Celestia and the 4th Descender is filled by Traveler. However, the truth of this cannot be confirmed even though this statement came from the mouth of the God of Wisdom himself.

Is the Unknown God Included in the Descender Too?

Because, the Archon could not confirm the answer because the conditions and history recorded in this world itself could change. Then what the God of Wisdom himself said could only be a mere hypothesis.

Then, we can only confirm who the other Genshin Impact Descenders are at main storyline Genshin Impact ke depan.

That’s the explanation about Descender Genshin Impact that Nahida mentioned in the last Archon Quest. Do you think Nahida’s story is true? Or do you have a new theory? Share your opinion, ok!

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