• Step-by-step guide for video calls on WhatsApp Web
  • Enabling camera and microphone permissions on WhatsApp Web
  • WhatsApp Web video call not working: Troubleshooting tips
  • Comparison: WhatsApp Web vs. Zoom for group video calls
  • Contacts must grant permission to the camera and microphone to use this feature on a computer.
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Step-by-step guide for video calls on WhatsApp Web

How to make video calls on WhatsApp Web

The ability to make video calls on WhatsApp is one of its most basic communication features along with voice calls, text and multimedia messages. With the diversity of screens that can access this application, it is necessary to adapt its functions to the capabilities of each device.

That is why WhatsApp also offers users a possibility to make video calls even from its web version for browsers such as Google Chrome and others. These are the steps to follow to use this feature.

– Enter web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code on the screen using the cell phone.

– To open the scan, you will have to select the application menu, click on the “Linked devices” option and then on the “Link device” button.

– Once the conversations are synchronized on the WhatsApp Web screen, users will be able to enter any of their personal conversations and then click on the video call icon to start one.

– Just like a video call from the mobile app, platform users can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to mute their microphones, temporarily turn off their cameras and end the call.

In the case of receiving a video call, it will appear in a different browser window and can be answered, rejected or ignored just as it is done from a phone, since the available buttons will be the same as in the mobile platform. If what you really want to do is make a voice call, you only need to click on the camera icon during the call to ask the contact to change the mode.

What to do if you cannot use the video call function


In case the button to make video calls is not available on WhatsApp Web, users should check some aspects of their system as this function also has some prerequisites that must be met. To solve the problem, both the cell phone and the linked computer must have stable internet access.

The operating system and the version of WhastsApp also influence the access to the platform because according to the application’s website, it can only be available in versions for Windows and macOS. On the other hand, users are also required to have correctly configured their accessory devices such as microphone, speakers and loudspeakers. This can be done from the Settings menu of the laptop.

If all of the above have been configured, users will need to check if the special permissions of the web page have been enabled and can be managed by clicking on the padlock button on the far left of the site address. In this section you will find the buttons for confirming permissions such as sounds, notifications, microphones and cameras.

One of the limitations that can be found in the video calls feature pra WhatsApp Web is that users will not be able to make this type of contacts with groups at the moment unlike Zoom-style group video calls.

Video calls with larger groups of people is a feature that can be made from any compatible mobile device and using the desktop application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free.

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