Trigo Figueroa, Joan Sebastian’s son who was killed by his fans

Joan Sebastian, an iconic figure in the world of music, experienced a life filled with success and acclaim in his musical career. However, amidst the fame and fortune, he also endured heart-rending moments, and none was more painful than losing two of his sons, Trigo de Jesús and Juan Sebastián, in separate incidents involving gunmen.

The “Poeta del Pueblo” had to face the death of his eldest sons. In 2006 he had to hold his firstborn son while he watched him bleed to death after he was attacked by his fans.

Joan Sebastian enjoyed a life full of success in his musical career, but also surrounded by tragic moments, such as the death of two of his sons Trigo de Jesús and Juan Sebastián, who saw the end of their days at the hands of gunmen.

Trigo de Jesús Figueroa, born in 1979, was the first son of Joan Sebastian’s first marriage. His mother was Teresa Gonzáles, from that relationship Juan Sebastián and José Manuel were also born.

The eldest of the singer’s sons was very close to his father, this led him to be one of the collaborators of the events that the interpreter of “Me gustas” used to organize. Trigo worked as Joan Sebastian’s security and travel coordinator, which forced him to be present in most of the events where the artist performed.

Figueroa González marriage pic

Brothers that emerged from the Figueroa González marriage, José Manuel is the only one alive (Photo: Facebook/José Manuel Figueroa).

It was on August 27, 2006 when a concert was held at Plaza del Valle, in Hidalgo, Texas, United States. It seemed that it would be just another presentation, however, it was there where Trigo was attacked by a group of his father’s followers.

The event was taking place as normal and Trigo, who was 27 years old at the time, was in charge of Joan Sebastian’s security and was in the audience, protecting those who wanted to get too close to the stage.

In the locality alcohol consumption should have been restricted, but it was not, and many of those present were not sober by the middle of the concert, but that too was, in part, a common occurrence. Everyone knew how to deal with drunken fans, but not with those who also carried guns.

When the Juliantla singer finished singing, a group of about 30 people tried to approach Joan in order to get an autograph, but the staff denied this kind of interaction for her sake. However, there were three fans who became upset at the prohibition and showed an overly rough demeanor, as if they had been drinking too much.

One of them pulled out a gun and angrily shot towards the ground in search of attention. Figueroa was among the staff who were holding back the crowds, with him was his friend and colleague Antonio Navarro. Both, frightened like the rest of the concert attendees, ran to get away from where the shots were coming from.

The assailants were not willing to let him go and went after them. When they caught up with him, they pistol-whipped him in the head and then shot him in the back of the head.

Joan Sebastian was the one who picked up his son from the ground and held him in his arms bleeding until help arrived, no authority would have supported him at that moment.

The young man was immediately taken to the McAllen Medical Center Hospital where he underwent an operation that was intended to remove the bullet and save his life, however, he died in the process. The doctor who treated him reported his death at 6:00 p.m. that Sunday.

According to local media, the assassin, as soon as he shot Trigo, ran out of the place, jumping over the fences that delimited the Plaza. His companions scattered and hid among the concert attendees.

Joan Sebastian then composed the song Trigo in honor of his son.

Four years later, Juan Sebastian, 30 years old, was murdered in a night club in Cuernavaca, Morelos. It was José Manuel who broke the news to his father that his other older brother had also died after an attack.

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