Before Creating an Account on the New Threads App, Here’s What You Should Know About Its Impact on Your Instagram

Yet another day brings forth a novel social media platform. Just as you were getting the hang of navigating TikTok or acquainting yourself with Snapchat’s newest AI features, another app emerges, eager to captivate your attention and compel you to master yet another internet platform. This time, it’s the Threads app—a creation by Meta that shares a connection with Instagram.

Given the murmurs of Twitter’s impending demise and the migration of users to alternative platforms reminiscent of the iconic blue bird app, it is no surprise that Meta seized the opportunity to develop a rival application. However, should you decide to join Threads, there is a crucial factor you must consider. Read on to determine whether Threads is the right choice for you and if the associated caveat is worth it.

What is the Threads app?

Similar to how Instagram incorporated features from other apps like Snapchat’s stories and TikTok’s videos (referred to as Reels), the platform now sets its sights on Twitter’s essence. On July 5th, Meta made the announcement of the release of their new app, Threads, as reported by The Guardian. Threads mirrors Twitter’s structure but adopts Instagram’s aesthetics. For example, instead of retweets and tweets, Threads features “reposts” and “threads.” The app’s description states, “Whatever piques your interest, you can directly follow and connect with your favorite creators and like-minded individuals—or cultivate a devoted following of your own to share your ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world.”

Threads is available for free on both iOS and Android app stores and already boasts official brand accounts such as Netflix and NPR. Furthermore, if your Instagram account is verified, your Threads account will automatically receive verification as well.

How does a Threads account affect your Instagram account?

As one would expect from an app linked to another, setting up a Threads account necessitates having an Instagram account. However, this connection comes with a drawback if you ever wish to delete your Threads account.

According to Tech Crunch, you cannot delete your Threads account without simultaneously deleting your Instagram account.

The Supplemental Privacy Policy states, “You may deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account.” Tech Crunch further elaborates that this is because a Threads account is now an extension of your Instagram account. By choosing to add the Threads app and account, you permanently link it to your Instagram account, for better or worse. It is difficult to ascertain whether this policy will change in the future, but as it stands, the two are intertwined.

This poses an inconvenience for those who merely intended to explore the commotion surrounding Threads and had planned to deactivate their accounts after a week. However, for individuals undecided about creating a Threads account, this might prove to be a decisive factor.

Why does Threads exist?

As previously mentioned, Threads directly competes with Twitter, capitalizing on the platform’s convoluted structure since Elon Musk’s involvement. Mark Zuckerberg, while discussing Threads, expressed his hope that this app would fill the void left behind by Twitter, a void that remains unfilled thus far. According to CNN, the Meta CEO stated, “I think there should be a public conversations app with 1 billion+ people on it. Twitter has had the opportunity to do this but hasn’t nailed it. Hopefully we will.”

Of course, he also emphasized that Threads is an independent entity, a space to foster “an inviting and amiable public environment for discussions.” CNN reports him saying, “We aim to leverage Instagram’s strengths and develop a fresh experience centered around text, ideas, and open dialogue.”

Is Twitter on the verge of extinction?

All of this arises in the wake of recent changes to Twitter under Musk’s leadership. Firstly, the introduction of a subscription-based payment system for account verification resulted in numerous celebrity and business Twitter accounts losing their verified status. Secondly, temporary limits were implemented over the weekend of July 1st, restricting unverified accounts from accessing tweets after reaching a certain threshold.

Naturally, distinctions exist between the two apps. Threads, unlike Twitter, permits up to 500 characters per post instead of the 280-character limit. However, hashtags cannot be used on Threads (at least not presently), and the app lacks trending topics akin to those found on Twitter, as reported by Mashable. Additionally, embedding threads is not currently supported.

Nevertheless, given Twitter’s accumulating setbacks, could the app meet its demise? It is challenging to predict at this juncture, but with a series of unpopular changes and an increasing number of users seeking Twitter alternatives, Threads might just be the final push needed to prompt an exodus from the platform once and for all.

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