Agent 47 Hitman Has Hair – An image of Agent 47, the bald hero from the Hitman series, noticeably different with growing hair on his head and around his face. If not for his black suit and red tie, people probably wouldn’t recognize him.

The Hitman game was released 20 years ago for PC. Since its first title, this series has presented many sequels developed by Io Interactive, which also works with major publishers such as Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros.

What If Agent 47 Hitman Had Hair?

agent 47 hitman has hair
This is what would happen if Agent 47 wasn’t bald

With the help of the FaceApp software, a fan named Laenoric on Reddit shared a picture of what Agent 47 would look like if he had hair. His figure looks very foreign and very different, so it’s not surprising that you will find it difficult to recognize him.

His beard looks very suitable for Agent 47 in carrying out the next mission plus this appearance is very suitable for the Agent if he is required to disguise himself in a mission.

What do you think, bro? Does Agent 47 suit this look? Share your opinion, ok!

8 Most Hated and Annoying NPC Characters of All Time

most hated npc characters
The Most Hated NPC Character

The term Non-Playable Character itself represents real characters other than players who occupy the game you are playing. Developers usually include these entities as immersive forms to achieve and the game looks alive and real.

So in fact, sometimes the Non-Playable Character in some games is made with traits that are very similar to annoying humans. This type is rare. But once it is present, gamers, aka us, will be made to hate characters like that. Everything that the character does is really infuriating and annoying in the truest sense of the word.

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