• To pass the ITV it is necessary that all the components of the car are in good condition. If one of them fails, you will have an unfavorable result and you will not be able to drive.
  • The vehicle lights are one of those elements that can cause you to fail: this is how you should check them, according to the DGT.

Passing the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) can be a headache for many drivers, especially those whose cars are very old or are not in good condition.

However, it is an essential procedure for road safety. A favorable result in the ITV means that the vehicle is well maintained and roadworthy.

Driving if you have received an unfavorable result in the ITV is a danger, since some of the components of your car fail and you can cause a traffic accident. In addition, driving your car if you have not passed the tests means a fine of 500 euros.

If you have to pass the ITV soon, it is better to know which are the elements of the car that can fail the most and what is checked in 2023. This way you make sure that they work correctly and you do not get an unfavorable result.

There is a reason why many drivers fail the ITV that few know about. It is the lights, both the front and rear lights as well as the turn signals.

Below, we explain how to check the lights of the car to pass the ITV without problems.

How to check the lights of the car to pass the ITV

Detecting errors in the vehicle’s lights can be much more complicated than you think, as sometimes these faults are not entirely visible to the eyes of an inexperienced driver. That is why many arrive at the ITV with this damaged element and find themselves with the unpleasant surprise of an unfavorable result, according to Economía Digital.

The ITV checks the number, operation and color of the lights. The DGT advises to check especially the reversing lights in cars registered after 1999, because if they are faulty, they can be a serious defect and can lead to the suspension of the ITV.

To avoid problems with your car’s lights you should check their operation monthly, remove neighborhood and dirt from the outer surface, check that the intensity is still adequate and take into account the correct alignment of the headlights, as recommended by Autobild.

If you think that the intensity is not the best or that they have lost power you have to go to a workshop before trying to pass the ITV.

If you get an unfavorable result for this reason, you have 2 months to fix it. During this period you can only use the car to go to the garage.

To find out how much time you have to pass the ITV you should consult the record you were given the last time, although you can also do it in the application miDGT, it is enough to enter the section My vehicles to access this information.

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