SIGMA has become a title to take into account thanks to its graphic simplicity and being accessible to a wide spectrum of audiences that play on mobile phones

SIGMA is a battle royale that has become a real revelation in recent days. Since it came out in the app stores, it has been played the most, thanks to its fast game style and for picking up clear influences from other great titles of the genre that have been quite well positioned for some time now.

Who knows, maybe very soon we will find it in the ranking of the most played battle royale of the year 2023. For now, what is clear is that it is having a fairly brilliant takeoff and that it has quickly positioned itself as a highly played title.

In this article we are going to tell you what its strengths are and everything that has made it highly recommendable to take into account its presence in the list of most played games on the mobile market.

sigma battle royale 2023

What is SIGMA Battle Royale?

SIGMA is a battle royale like the ones we usually know, no more, no less. In this particular one, we face 50 players until only one of them is left standing. Its differential factors are cartoon-style Fortnite-style graphics along with strong influences from the Garena title, Free Fire. The title loses graphic quality to the detriment of offering us a viewing distance that few games of this genre offer, with the aim that we can face our rivals at great distances with sniper weapons.

One of its strong points is that we can play it with any mobile, since it has very undemanding requirements thanks to very well-optimized graphics for the range of players it is aimed at.

The game drinks directly from any other of the genre. We started on a plane and decided when to jump out of it on a surfboard. The place where we decide to fall will be key since we will have to fight for the loot that is scattered around the map with the rest of the players. It is essential that we get good equipment, as well as enough weapons and ammunition to face the other 49 players.

Like all titles of this style, SIGMA seeks to strengthen and strengthen its player base by unlocking skins that come out each season along with new content. In this way, we will have a leveling and unlocking system that will allow us to have an eternal game.

Something very interesting about the game is that it has other mechanics that are far from battle royale. The best example is the fight out game mode in which we face a very interesting 4vs4.

What other battle royale is it similar to?

SIGMA Battle Royale has two games in its sights from which it is very clearly inspired. The first of them is Fortnite, which it imitates in its aesthetics, but opting for an even more cartoon style and with much shorter visual effects to adapt to any mobile phone. Therefore, his approach is really like playing a cartoon, as it has a completely light-hearted art style.

The other big influence is Free Fire. In fact, it is possibly an even greater influence than that of Fortnite, since the totally casual style is joined by a style of play that clearly drinks from the Garena title. In this way, we can see how the title stands out in this type of aspect very remarkably and the players who come from this title will not take long to familiarize themselves with its game style halfway between arcade and hardcore.

The best tips to win in SIGMA

There are a number of tips that are pretty much universal in any battle royale. In this case it is not the exception, so here I tell you the best tips to have no rival in this title.

  • First of all, choose wisely where to land your board. Normally, players tend to go to the areas of the map that offer the best loot. But the best idea is to drop in the surrounding areas, where you can loot the loot without so much trouble.
  • Think twice before revealing your position. In Sigma Battle Royale you can be seen from far away, so it is advisable to keep a low profile and try to hide from your enemies. Don’t shoot until you have no other choice, it’s much smarter to let enemies kill each other than to die yourself.
  • Choose carefully the loadout, that is, the team with which you are going to go out. You can carry up to eight items or skills that will allow you to survive out there. The first ones are quite useful, but later you can use many others.
  • Do not get into the center of the save area. It is better to go around it, to avoid the biggest conflicts and loot the points where you can find things of great value.

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