Maybe some of you feel a little disappointed after it was reported that exclusive Collector skins would be released every two months, not once a month. However, behind this decision, of course Moonton has prepared something more wow, for example by presenting cool events.

Even though it’s still January, leaks regarding the March 2023 Collector skin have been widely circulated on the internet. Of course, all Mobile Legends players are very curious about which hero will get this exclusive skin. The reason is that the skin in the Collector category does have very good quality.

Well, on this occasion Global Web Wire Mobile Legends will provide information about the heroes who will get the Mobile Legends Collector skin in March 2023. Instead of being curious, just look at the information below.

Skin Collector Maret 2023 Mobile Legends

According to Daily spin the hero who will get the Mobile Legends Collector skin in March 2023 is NATHAN by the name Tidal Lord. The name alone indicates that Nathan was a very authoritative king.

Natan’s latest skin has an ocean theme. So that Nathan will become a king who rules over the vast ocean. This can be seen from the background of this skin where you can see a view of the ocean and the high cliffs around it.

In this skin, Natan uses a colorful robe costume. While her hair has a white color mixed with light purple. Then his pants have a black color that seems to continue with his shirt. In essence, Natan has the appearance of a sea king who is authoritative and charismatic.

When will it be released?

Just like other Collector skins, this March 2023 Collector skin will be released in early March 2023, March 5, 2023 to be more precise. To get it, you have to prepare a large amount of diamonds, because the price is definitely expensive.

This skin will be present in the Grand Collector event. Apart from Natan’s skin prizes, you can choose other collector hero skins and various other cool skin prizes. Given that Natan’s hero isn’t selling well at the moment, it’s certain that during the update ahead of the release of his skin, Natan’s hero will get a buff.

What do you think about this newest Natan skin? Don’t forget to miss the event.

So, that’s just the information about the latest March 2023 Mobile Legends Collector skin leak. Keep visiting Global Web Wire to always get the latest information about other Mobile Legends skins.

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