Short videos in vertical format have become a standard on the internet thanks to platforms like TikTok, and later YouTube or Instagram, which imitated the success of the social network developed by ByteDance. Interestingly, all of them offer tools and features that make it easy to create videos, but there’s a way to make these second-long clips even easier to do: by using AI.

It is precisely what you want to do. QuickVid, a new platform that uses generative AI to create short videos using a short text description. The platform is capable of generating a script, then adding a synthetic voiceover, adding royalty-free music, and of course, including media such as images into the clip.

Interestingly, QuickVid takes advantage of tools from other platforms that even make use of a generative AI system. For example, the music you include in your video is taken from YouTube’s royalty-free sound library. The images, instead, are generated through DALL-E2, the popular model developed by OpenAI. The text, on the other hand, does it thanks to GPT-3. Finally, the voiceover is created using the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API.

Avoiding burnout and satisfying audience demand: the goals of the new AI that generates videos

QuickVid’s goal is, in part, to keep content creators from getting tired of watching videos while trying to meet “increasing” user demand, QuickVid creator Daniel Habib tells TechCrunch. “By providing creators with tools to produce quality content quickly and easily, QuickVid helps creators increase the production of their content, reducing the risk of burnout,” he added.

Habib also mentions that another of the keys to the new tool is being able to “empower” creators “so that they keep up with the demands of their audience by taking advantage of advances in AI.”

QuickVid will be available soon for $10/month. At the moment, it is only possible to join the waiting list. The reception of this new tool by content creators, as well as the results of the generated videos, remains to be seen. However, it is worrying that this tool serves to increase spam on different platforms. Especially considering the ease and speed with which you can create videos.

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