After more than a decade of bloodshed, walkers, alliances and enemies, the hit zombie series ‘The Walking Dead’ has come to an end after 11 seasons. The adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead’ comics has released its final episode, but this does not mean that the universe ‘The Walking Dead’ is completely dead. Not much less.

Although the main series reached its peak with its pilot episode, directed by Frank Darabont in 2010, ‘The Walking Dead’ has managed to survive for more than 10 years on the air in which, in addition, it has seen its lore expand with various spins. -offs. And others that are to come.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ (2015-present)

The first of them was ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, in 2015, which swapped Atlanta for Los Angeles and showed us the path of a family from the first days of the zombie outbreak to the global apocalypse. In its seven seasons they have mixed their destiny with various characters from the original series, such as Morgan Jones (Lennie James) or Negan’s former right-hand man, Dwight (Austin Amelio), building a new community. The eighth season of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has been announced and will be released in 2023.

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ (2020-2021)

‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ is a little faster to digest, already finished after two seasons (2020-2021). Created by Scott M. Gimple and Matthew Negrete, it takes place in Nebraska 10 years after the apocalypse and follows the first generation of survivors coming of age in this terrifying and complicated new world. A generation that was born, grew up and developed around zombies, death and blood.

‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ (2022-?)

The latest to arrive has been ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’, six independent episodes that focus on a different group of characters (old and new) from the universe ‘The Walking Dead’. Following in the footsteps of the best horror anthology series, this spin-off features the franchise’s most impressive cast to date with Olivia Munn, Parker Posey, Terry Crews, Jillian Bell, Poppy Liu and Anthony Edwards. At the moment there is no confirmation for a second season, although its creator Channing Powell admitted that they have more than 25 episodes already planned, including a musical.

‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ (2023)

Maggie and Negan take Manhattan? The next spin-off of the universe of ‘The Walking Dead’ to be released will be ‘Dead City’, formerly known as ‘Isle of the Dead’, which will star the most unlikely duo formed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan ) in a six-episode series. Fans of the original series are well aware that Negan and Maggie didn’t get off to a very good start (so to speak), as Negan brutally beat Maggie’s husband Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) to death with Lucille, the baseball bat surrounded by barbed wire. Despite meeting a “kinder” version of the character as the series progressed, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has hinted that the worst version of Negan will return in ‘Dead City’.

The Walking Dead 10

Carol and Daryl – The Walking Dead 10

‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ (2023)

This spin-off will star Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride). The series is scheduled to premiere in 2023 and will be set in France. During an October 2022 appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Reedus quipped, “I’m being sent there. I don’t go there of my own free will. We will destroy the Louvre and stuff. It’s going to be crazy”.

‘The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne’ (2023)

Andrew Lincoln was originally signed on to star in a trilogy of theatrical films centered on Rick Grimes, his ‘The Walking Dead’ character, but ultimately his love story with Michonne will be told in a series scheduled for late 2023/early 2024. There is already a first teaser:

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