Did Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

The answer you are looking for is yes, Katsuki Bakugo is dead in My Hero Academia. At least this is true until Chapter 362 of the manga.

Warning! The following in The Truth News will talk about major spoilers. Before reading on we recommend you to be up to date with the My Hero Academia manga written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi.

How does Bakugou die?

Bakugou died

Katuski Bakugo was fighting against Shigaraki Tomura, who is in possession of a power called One For All. It’s basically the inverted One card of the universe, and it seems to allow the bearer to receive an ungodly amount of punishment and be able to return it tenfold. And in that fight, Bakugo took a hit. A bad hit (which makes him look dead). His eyes are open and there is a literal hole in his chest.

Does Bakugou survive in My Hero Academia?

We’re really sorry to say, we think it was fatal. And based on the looks on the faces of the other heroes (especially Best Jeanist), it looks like it’s safe to say it’s final. We even see a panel of his poor heart with a hole in it.

Sorry everyone, Bakugo is dead. The fandom needs a moment to process this news. If you need to cry, here’s a safe space to do so. However, we dare say that in a horrible way, this death was necessary to ascend the villain Shigaraki to the heights of truly terrifying.

A story is only as strong as the villain it defeats. The choice to kill Bakugo in the My Hero Academia series is bold and will give this series an emotional charge it did not have before. Bakugo is a sacrificial lamb on the altar of art.

It’s beautiful, it’s horrible, and we really wish we didn’t have to see it. But there you go. So, rest in peace, Katuski Bakugo. Your fight is over, but you will not be forgotten.

Chapter 362 leads us to believe that Bakugo is dead in My Hero Academia, but things could take an unexpected turn when Deku or any other hero capable of time travel arrives (the latter is a theory much talked about by fans). After all, we also have Eri’s power, one that allows her to “rewind” an individual body to a previous state.

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