The world of Stardew Valley is full of secrets of all kinds and it is even possible to visit completely new places thanks to the creations made by other users. Without going any further, one of the mods that has just emerged is capable of transforming the usual farm map into a completely different area based on Shrek’s Swamp.

It is seen that the character from the DreamWorks movies has wanted to enjoy a more relaxed life and now thanks to the mod by the user Wandox99, which you will find at Nexus Mods, the map has become a replica of the Swamp that these feature films appear on. animation. And it is not the only thing, because it is also present even in his own house.

The truth is that a wonderful job has been done with all these aspects, because they are all a carbon copy. In fact, care has been taken down to the smallest detail, because neither is the bathroom, the mailbox or the trees that are felled in the surroundings.

This is all very well to feel like we’re living in the same place as the charismatic green ogre, but what about Donkey? Well, good news, because there is also another mod capable of changing the appearance of the horse in the game for that of Shrek’s faithful companion, so that you can climb on top of it and travel through the swamp on its back.

What’s more, to make the experience even more complete, you can also opt for this other mod that allows you to see the Shrek movie in the town’s cinema. A complete selection ideal for fans of the franchise and incidentally to give a renewed touch to the world of Stardew Valley.

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