A Sony executive recently said that 2023 will be a “very important” year for PS5, while reports say its revision will arrive in September to replace current models.

There are already several rumors and alleged leaks that suggest that Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch a new model of PlayStation 5 in 2023, which could be the usual Slim revision that all the brand’s consoles have experienced or a new model with a reader. external disks. In fact, Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of Platform Experience, dropped last week in an interview with Famitsu the possibility that the company will launch a new PS5 next year, while Gaming Bolt has reported a few details about the strategy that Sony would follow with this new system.

Although he did not provide specific details on the matter, Nishino stressed that 2023 will be a “very important” year for the platform. On the other hand, according to several quite reliable reports according to the aforementioned medium, the launch of the new model is scheduled for September of next year and Sony intends to stop producing and completely eliminate from the market the two current models of its new console. generation -the standard version with disc player and the Digital Edition version- for the holidays of the same year to reduce production costs. It has also been reported that official details about this hardware revision will be coming “soon”, although no date has been specified.

How is the current model of PS5?

“The generation leap of PS5 is very noticeable in all aspects, thanks to the enormous novelty of its ultra-fast SSD memory, and the DualSense, which has enormous possibilities, which many games will surely take advantage of in the future. We have lived all the generation changes since the first PlayStation, and in the absence of trying many more games we can say without fear of being wrong that this is one of the most impressive in terms of novelties and user experience, and that it is a console that excites with great ease and that it will not disappoint all of you who are waiting for it with open arms”, we concluded in our analysis on PS5 that you can consult in case you want to acquire the current model before the reissue.

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