Epic Games is helping to liven up the days by giving us free games. In fact, a very generous Christmas awaits us due to the free titles that we are all going to receive until December 28. Yesterday, the game that many of us were able to redeem was Costume Quest 2, an RPG whose characters are very cartoonish, but now it seems that the usual robe is totally different since it is Saber.

Many will ask the following: What is Sable? Well, it is presented as an open world adventure title reminiscent of the fantastic Journey. The premise of the video game is to embark on an unforgettable journey in which you will visit vast places with a beautiful artistic section. In this way, with just one click we can have it forever in our Epic Games library.

However, on Steam we can see that it has 86% positive reviews, an aspect that pretty much sums up the quality of the product. In this way, Epic Games has saved us a total of 24.99 euros with this article. The game came out on September 21, 2021 as an indie made by Shedworks and published by Raw Fury.

Fortunately, at 3DJuegos we have some experience with this game, so we can summarize it this way: “Shedworks has taken the mechanics and animations of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a base, but has been able to print a 100 % typical of the adventure genre. An absurdly good, fresh one that turns any little errand task into an odyssey of microscopic problems that it’s a pleasure to solve on the go,” said Mario Gómez in Sable’s analysis.

Other free games you can take advantage of

Remember that it is still available on GOG King of Seas for free, but don’t get lost because the promotion will end in a short time. In addition, we usually update our ‘Free games’ section with titles that are available to everyone. If you have Amazon Prime, you should know that you already have your round of monthly games available to download.

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