The film industry in Hollywood has taken a keen interest in the video game industry, seeking new source material for both the big and small screens. It is therefore becoming increasingly frequent to see leading actors from the film world bring to life iconic characters from the gaming realm. For instance, the Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett has been cast as Lilith from the “Borderlands” franchise.

Blanchett was selected to portray the mermaid and commander of the Crimson Raiders, Lilith, in the upcoming film produced by Lionsgate Films and directed by Eli Roth three years ago. However, it was only recently that fans were able to observe Blanchett embodying some of the fundamental characteristics of the video game character.

Blanchett recently shared a photograph on her Instagram account depicting her during the filming of “Borderlands”, dressed in a mercenary costume and sporting the hallmark red hair of her character. The accompanying text was noteworthy.

“How exciting! Welcome to Borderlands. I leave you with a secret photo I took of Lilith behind the scenes, our legendary heroine, psychoexplosive, vault hunter, vixen with a bad attitude and winner of two Oscar awards to add to the badass in her tool belt, the once and future Queen of everything, Cate Blanchett. Maybe next week, if you’re nice and tell them you want more and don’t fire me for posting this, I’ll post other photos of the rest of the cast (Roland, Tiny Tina, Krieg, Claptrap, Tannis, etc.).”

Evidently, the message is written in a promotional tone, so everything points to the fact that very soon we could start receiving official materials of the film after an information hiatus about its production that made us fear the worst. A few weeks ago, in fact, it was said that several additional filming sessions were scheduled for Borderlands with the director of Deadpool.

What do we know about Borderlands, the movie?

The adaptation follows the infamous outlaw played by Blanchett as she returns to her home planet, Pandora, to search for the missing daughter of the galaxy’s most powerful H.D.P., Atlas. Kevin Hart as Roland, Jack Black as Claptrap and Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Patricia Tannis are some of the more familiar faces in the cast. Eli Roth and Craig Mazin, also in charge of adapting The Last of Us, are in charge of the screenplay. At the moment there is no release date. Let’s hope this will change soon.

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