After the arrival of the latest patch, several heroes became so OP because they got buffs, they also became well-liked in rankings and even in international tournaments such as the M4 World Championship.

Of all the existing heroes, there are as many as 5 of the most frequently picked heroes in Group Stage M4, who are they and why are they often picked? Check out the explanation below.

Fredrin – 17 Picks

The most frequently picked hero in the first M4 group stage is Fredrin with 17 picks. It’s no wonder why this hero is very popular because he has very thick blood, so it’s hard to kill. In addition, the skills can also make it difficult for the enemy to move.

Karrie – 16 Picks

Karrie already got a lot of buffs from the previous patches, but they only became available in the season 27 patch. One of the factors is because of a new item called Swift Crossbow which can provide high attack speed and also additional damage.

Apart from that, there’s a lot of thick meta heroes right now and Karrie is perfect for dealing with meta like that. No matter how tough the opponent is, if you fight Karrie, you will immediately become soft.

YVE – 15 Picks

The mage who often irritates anyone other than YVE, this mage is also often picked on the M4 Group Stage. His ability to deal dps damage and give a high slow effect makes this hero very useful.

Even though the ultimate skill gets a nerf where the size becomes smaller, the fact is that this hero is still very popular.

Meanwhile, the most frequently picked heroes in Group Stage M4 in 4th and 5th place are Valentina and Chou who got 11 picks.

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