After announcing early access last May 2022, this time Pathea Games announced an open beta My Time at Sandrock which will take place starting next week. This game will later present new features that fans might have been waiting for. Curious what it is? Come on, let’s discuss it together!

Overview of the Latest Open Beta My Time at Sandrock Info

Unlike its predecessors My Time at Portia, My Time at Sandrock will later support players working on task. gather material, do crafting goods, and build lots of houses in the Builder Plaza. With new local residents as well as places, players are required to build relationships and make the city progress.

Launching from IGN, Pathea Games is now presenting a new feature in open beta My Time at Sandrock the latest, namely features multiplayer. This feature will present the same mechanism as single – player with more intense, where players can form teams and work together to build cities with later.

Presents New Stories and NPCs in Multiplayer Features

On features multiplayer this, developer also brings some alternative stories and new NPCs to the game. Here you can work together with friends party solving mini – game, go horse riding, meet new characters, and become the star of the city. Not only that, you can also eradicate monsters and boss in the desert or dungeonand can share loot item to develop a house together.

Following gameplay you can see it below:

Follow closed betain 2022, Pathea has released a schedule open beta playtest latest games My Time at Sandrock from 12 to 20 January 2023. As info, progress your game is on open beta previously will not be brought inside early access later.

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