The Last of Us: Part 1 delayed until March 28

The Last of Us franchise has garnered tremendous success with its HBO series, leading to an increase in curiosity among those unfamiliar with the franchise regarding the original video game. This interest was compounded by the upcoming release of The Last of Us: Part 1 on PC, initially slated for early March. However, the development team has decided to delay the release until March 28, in order to polish the experience further.

Announced through a Twitter Post

The delay was announced by Naughty Dog through a Twitter post, where it expressed gratitude for the feedback received about The Last of Us in the wake of the series. The team stated that the additional time will be utilized to make sure that the PC debut of The Last of Us: Part 1 meets both their and the audience’s expectations. The Naughty Dog team expressed excitement about bringing The Last of Us: Part 1 to a new platform and reaching new and familiar players with Joel and Ellie’s story of survival.

“Therefore, it is our objective to ensure that the PC release of The Last of Us: Part 1 is of the utmost quality. The additional time provided will allow us to attend to all details, so as to meet both our own expectations and those of our valued audience. We are eager to introduce The Last of Us: Part 1 to a new platform, affording new and familiar players the opportunity to experience Joel and Ellie’s indelible tale of survival. We hope that you will remain attentive to its release on PC, which will occur on March 28. The Naughty Dog team extends its gratitude for your continued support and interest, and we anticipate sharing further information about The Last of Us: Part 1 for PC in the near future.”

Please note that the new release date for Part 1 on PC is after the finale of the HBO series, which is set to air on March 13. Hence, those eager to learn about Joel and Ellie’s story in the video game will have to wait until March 28.

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