The most enthusiastic fans did not welcome the Halo series produced by Paramount Plus. There are some pretty big script changes from the official lore of the books and games. There are even changes that do not make any sense to those who have been playing the adventures of the Master Chief for years. So to some extent you can understand the anger of the fans.

However, not everyone has received the series with a bad face; there are those who have freaked out and have given a considerable audience to Paramount Plus. In fact, the series has been the most viewed content on the platform throughout 2022. This is taking into account that many territories such as Spanish have yet to reach.

Halo: The TV Series is a success

And it is that the numbers of the series have ousted even Yellowstone, which until the arrival of the Spartans was the most popular series of the streaming video service. These data have been obtained directly from an article in the Wall Street Journal, and have subsequently been shared by the official account of The Game Awards on Twitter.

We know a second season is already in the works, so executives and Microsoft should be more than pleased if they’ve reached this point. Now there are only two things left: The first is to wait for it to reach our territory, and the second is for more information about this second season to come to us.

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