HBO confirms through the tab of the first chapter of The Last of Us that it will have a total duration of 85 minutes. The series will debut on January 16 exclusively for HBO Max.

There is less left for fans of The Last of Us to experience first-hand the adaptation in television series format that will premiere on HBO on January 16. As previously revealed, the streaming platform will release a chapter each week, although at the moment we do not know the average duration of all the episodes. However, Twitter user DomTheBomb has discovered that the pilot episode of the series will have a total duration of 85 minutes.

Of course, it turns out to be a surprising figure if we take into account that most episodes of series of this style do not usually exceed one hour, although it is true that it is possible to find exceptions with the first episodes since they are the most important to the It’s time to provide some context and set the stage for the story that will unfold throughout the season.

New details about infected and characters

On the other hand, the same user has revealed that the series will include a new variant of a creature infected by cordyceps, in addition to the fact that the HBO team consulted Naughty Dog’s concept artists to take their opinion into account before creating an infected individual. something different from those that appear in the original video game.

Finally, some small details about Bill and Frank’s story for the series have also been shared. Roughly speaking, Neil Druckmann has revealed that he will spend almost an entire episode developing the plot between these two characters, something that could shock some fans. However, the creative mentions that the first viewings of this chapter made some viewers cry.

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