Android 14, Upside Down Cake, is now available for developers, and although it is too early to make a very complete analysis, we can already see what are its main new features.

The focus on accessibility and concern for permissions is striking. Here you have the summary in seven points:

1 – Improvements in accessibility: larger fonts for better visibility and scaling font sizes up to 200%.

2 – Notifications of old applications: The system will send a notification when an application with an old API level (lower than 27) is installed.

3 – Gallery access permissions control: It will allow access only to selected photos instead of the entire gallery.

4 – Improvements in user profiles: Call history and text messages for secondary profiles (ideal to see what the son or daughter has been doing with our mobile).

5 – Improvements in the battery screen: The screen time will be highlighted below the battery graph.

6 – App cloning: It will allow to have two separate application accounts. We will thus be able to have two Instagrams, each with their separate connected accounts, or two Whatsapps, or two same games with different accounts….

7 – Removal of bloatware: It will allow to delete unwanted applications in a simple way.

It is a first version, without many visual changes, so we will have to wait for it to be profiled to see how it evolves to the final user version.

Developers can install it at this link, on the Google Pixel.

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