What’s called a review bomb or deliberately lowering the rating of a product is no stranger to the entertainment industry. There are various reasons, ranging from as a form of protest, a problem with rivals, or just for fun. And this time it came from the Honkai Impact 3rd China community who were dissatisfied with the character design of the game so they decided to review the bomb game.From Biligame, Honkai Impact 3rd for the CN version received a large-scale 1-star bomb review so that the game rating fell to 4.9. Meanwhile, TapTap CN got a better fate with a rating of 6.4. This review bomb was carried out by the Chinese community due to dissatisfaction with the character design for the game. A Reddit user u/sharabyart_1 on the r/houkai3rd subreddit posted various responses from the Chinese community who were dissatisfied with the game’s character designs and they made edits that they considered more appropriate.

Many post comments also agree that the character designs are dissatisfied, especially Kiana’s character, which is too overdesigned. User sharabyart_1 also provided information that there was a community vote with 90% of the vote being dissatisfied with the character design with the comment ‘too simple‘ or ‘too fanservice’.

Community steps that directly ‘warn’ game developers can be considered effective. Because a down rating means the company’s market value can also go down. What do you think, do you like or are not satisfied with the new character design of Honkai Impact 3rd?

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