The Callisto Protocol is once again at the center of the controversy, if what happened with its resounding launch was not enough and by this we refer to the mixed criticism from the media, where its technical problems and certain failures that They were not to the liking of the gamers, although we in Xbox Generation had a lot of fun with the game.

A new controversy looms over the game, since according to certain sources and entertainment media, it is stated that approximately 20 developers who were working on bringing the title to its launch, were not recognized in the credits scenes of the game. game, leaving aside the effort of a part of the team involved in the title.

The Callisto Protocol looms once again in controversy, for excluding a group of developers involved in the game from the credits

The controversy in the game that would be the spiritual successor to Dead Space does not stop, apparently this group of developers who were not included in the credits, were previously looking to leave the Striking Distance Studios studio before finishing the production of the title and all due to an important compelling reason.

And it is that the so-called crunch was the trigger for the developers to leave the studio and in retaliation they were excluded in the credits by the game director, Glen Schofield, who in previous months was accused of these practices and made them public in the media. social (despite having retracted). Without a doubt, a bad experience and once again it is evident that crunch is still present in the development of the games.

Although everything seems to indicate that the inclusion of the names of these developers may be included in the future, since the industry is taking steps to organize the sector, in order to improve the conditions and recognition of those who dedicate their time and effort in these blockbusters.

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