The Best Mobile Game in the World – Mobile gaming market is very crowded globally. Of the tens of thousands of games that are present on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Not infrequently the game failed and not a few have managed to survive until now.

The movement of games on mobile devices is also quite fast and it’s not uncommon for us to see games that seem easy on the wind in just a few months or a year have closed the server. The marketing and gameplay offered must be attractive to potential players so that the game can last a long time.

Well after experiencing enough complicated natural selection, some of these mobile games have remained in the top positions in terms of sales figures or in other languages ​​the ‘best-selling’ games on the mobile platform. This information is based on data from the AppMagic website from January 2 to January 6 2023. So what kind of game is worth perched on the highest sales position globally?

The Best Mobile Games in the World — January 7, 2023

Here are the best mobile games in the world as of January 7, 2023:

10. CrossFire: Legends

The popular FPS game is here on mobile
  • Developer: Tencent Games, Smilegate
  • Publisher: Tencent games

The name of the FPS CrossFire game is certainly familiar to Indonesian gamers. After years of traveling on the PC platform and being played by internet cafe gamers. CrossFire has also penetrated into the mobile realm through CrossFire Legends.

In terms of gameplay, it hasn’t changed much, it’s just that the input mode is now adjusted for methods touchscreen. Players can still feel the excitement of playing CrossFire and it’s proven that this game has successfully entered the top 10 successful mobile games. But it’s a shame that CF Legends entered the Chinese server where this game is indeed quite popular there.

9. Coin Master

Fun casual game
  • Developer: Moon Active
  • Publisher: Moon Active

If you still remember that during the pandemic there was a cellphone game that was booming, most likely that game was Coin Master. This is a game that rotates slots and raises the pet level so that when you attack other players, you will get a higher reward.

This game is very booming among casual gamers. Maybe that’s why this game can still occupy the 9th best mobile game position in 2023. Were you a player of this game before?

8. Goddess of Victory NOD

The booming Nikke in 2022 and still continuing
  • Developer: Shift Up
  • Publisher: Level Infinite

Nikke is still being warmly discussed by gamers. This game is still relatively fresh and only came last year. It’s not without reason that this game can be successful and climb the top 10 best mobile games in the world. One of the reasons is that it is an interesting character for a mobile game.

Nikke itself is a shooter game where you act as Commander and command Nikke robots to fight alien robots. Game-nay itself has been very popular in Japan, South Korea and the United States since its initial release.

7. Roblox

Game Creation System
  • Developer: Roblox Corporation
  • Publisher: Roblox Corporation

Roblox is indeed a game that is quite familiar to global ears. Especially if you have young siblings or nephews, of course you are no stranger to this one game.

Roblox itself is not a game but a platform where you can create your own games and be played by other players. The high level of customization also makes this platform the presence of various parodies of famous games and remakes in their default game engine.

6. Fate/Grand Order

Game from the Fate franchise
  • Developer: Lasengle
  • Publisher: Aniplex

The Fate series has been quite popular for a long time. But the fame of the Fate franchise can be said to have increased rapidly since the presence of the FGO game. This is evident from the frequency with which the game with the acronym FGO often sits in the top positions of the best-selling mobile games.

An original story from the Fate series where you take on the role of a master in the Chaldea organization whose job is to visit events in the past and correct the world’s distorted history. Understanding this is quite simple because it carries the classic turn-based gameplay in the style of the old PS1 games.

5. Monster Strike

Japanese role-playing game
  • Developer: XFLAG
  • Publisher: XFLAG

Monster Strike is one of the oldest in the world of mobile games. Present since 2013 and carries gameplay similar to a pinball game. Combined with anime graphics, this game is very popular, especially in the land of Sakura.

The popularity of MonSt (Japanese players call this game Monsuto) has also spread to other media such as anime series and cinema films. This game also often collaborates with various other anime franchises such as Love Live! Sunshine!, Parasyte, Mobile Suit Gundam, and popular games like Monster Hunter.

4. Candy Crush Saga

Games for all ages
  • Developer: King
  • Publisher: King

This puzzle game that arranges colored blocks still exists and continues to get the title of the best mobile game even in 2023. Even though this game doesn’t look challenging at first glance, thanks to the developers who are diligent in adding levels, which now totals 13,295 levels, this game has a very long game duration. .

The demographics of this game’s players are surprising even though many of the players are children, almost half are gen X. This is probably because the gameplay of Candy Crush is quite simple even for non-gamers.

3. Genshin Impact

Open-world anime game
  • Developer: miHoYo
  • Publisher: miHoYo

It’s no secret that this game is one of the most successful games in recent years. Released at the end of 2020 and constantly presenting various content per month, this game is always popular among gamers, both mobile and PC and console versions. But for the mobile case, Genshin Impact has almost no rival in a similar genre, namely the open-world anime RPG.

Long story short, you play a role traveler or a stranded wanderer in the world named Teyvat. Your goal in this world is to find your twin who was captured by a nameless god. In the middle of the journey you also meet several companions who will help you in the story later.

2. PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile verses
  • Developer: LightSpeed & Quantum Studio
  • Publisher: Tencent Games

It seems that the survival battle royale game has yet to find its end, even though it’s already 2023. This game, which is a mobile version of PUBG, is still perched at the top of the best-selling mobile games.

The game is quite simple, you only need to survive in a super wide map with ammunition that you have to find yourself while exploring. You and 2 other team members must survive the attacks of the opposing team and the smaller map. Until the last team left and came out victorious.

1. Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings
  • Developer: TiMi Studio Group
  • Publisher: Tencent Games

The first rank is held by Honor of Kings. Maybe you guys know Arena of Valor, that game is an adaptation for the international version of Honor of Kings. The original game was only available for the Chinese market but has opened beta access in the global market for several countries.

Broadly speaking, this game is not much different from its younger brother Arena of Valor. One significant difference compared to AoV is the heroes that you can use in the game. For the combat itself, you keep playing 5v5 and whichever team succeeds in destroying the opponent’s main tower will come out victorious, typical of MOBA in general.

So, those are the 10 best mobile games in the world in 2023 that you can play. Are there any games that you recognize from the list above? Or is there an interesting game that you will try?

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