Culprit behind the Blue Shell’s existence

The Blue Shell, Mario Kart’s most despicable item, is making waves among fans as the Super Mario Bros: The Movie poster may have featured the culprit behind the item’s existence.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie will delve into the lore and world of Nintendo’s legendary saga. The film, which opens in theaters on April 7 by Illumination, continues to leave new details and many fans are delighted with the latest revelation.

Adventures of Mario and company

As we said, the adventures of Mario and company in the Mushroom Kingdom will generate a lot of material, fan service and winks to the games. In fact, in the last trailer there was already a clear reference to Mario Kart. However, it seems that this is not only going to stay here.

Poster for Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Universal Pictures has already released the poster for Super Mario Bros: The Movie, giving us a glimpse of the main characters of the film. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser… almost no one is missing, but all these great figures of Nintendo video games have been joined by a character that has aroused much curiosity among the fan community.

A particular Koopa

We refer to a really particular Koopa that had not been seen in any game so far and that refers to the most feared object of Mario Kart, the Blue Shell! Take a look at the character above Kamek and below Mario in the poster.

The Blue Koopa in Super Mario Bros: The Movie

This Blue Koopa with a spiked shell and wings has been driving players of the series crazy. Many have hallucinated that this could be the origin of the infamous item that affected the leading player in the Mario Kart races.

The truth is that Blue Koopas have appeared in many games (in fact in New Super Mario Bros it was one of the items we could equip), but none of them had spikes, the distinctive of this item (except for Iggy Koopa).

Unbalancing factor in the game

Who will this character be in Super Mario Bros: The Movie? It is clear that he will have an important role, given that he appears in the featured characters poster. Do you think he will be the culprit to make our races in Mario Kart hell? Let’s remember that the Blue Shell was introduced as a consumable in Mario Kart 64 and since then it has been one of the objects that has generated more piques among players due to its fearsome power and unbalancing factor in the game.

Looking forward to the movie?

Looking forward to the movie? If you don’t like Chris Pratt as Mario in Super Mario Bros: The Movie, you should know that he already has a “replacement” and Pedro Pascal has parodied the character in an absolutely great way.

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