HBO Max’s “Succession” series bids farewell to the screens with its fourth and final installment

The series “Succession” says goodbye to the screens this 2023. Its season 4 premiered on Sunday, March 26 and has already surprised the experts, debuting with 100% positive reviews on the specialized site Rotten Tomatoes.

Many fans of the story of millionaire Logan Roy and his four children are probably excited about the continuation of the story. However, they may have forgotten some important details of the chapter “All the Bells Say”, with which “Succession 3” came to an end.

Therefore, in the following lines, we reveal everything you should remember before watching season 4 of the famous HBO Max series.

5 Things to remember before watching “SUCCESSION 4″

5. Connor and Willa are engaged

Connor, Logan’s oldest son, got engaged to his girlfriend Willa towards the end of the third installment of the show. On that note, the promotional images for “Succession 4″ anticipate that we will witness this important wedding.

While the relationship is much more beneficial to the young woman, it is clear that Roy can use this union in his path to become President. While it appears that he has no chance of winning the race, nothing is certain in American elections.

4. Kendall is back

Throughout season 3, Kendall was not at his best. She was quite unstable, considering that she struggled to cope with the guilt she felt over the death of the bartender in the first installment of the TV show.

However, after confessing this big secret to his siblings, he seems to be back to his old self: the son who is willing to compete against his father for power.

3. Logan defeated his sons

At the end of “Succession 3″, Logan was willing to sell Waystar to the tech company GoJo. Keeping his sons on the sidelines, they were extremely angry when they found out about their progenitor’s plans.

Therefore, they tried to remove the tycoon from the scene. However, they didn’t expect him to be one step ahead: he assumed majority control of the company’s decisions after reaching an agreement with his ex-wife. Thus, Shiv, Kendall and Roman were defeated in this battle and are no longer part of the company.

2. Tom and Greg are Logan’s allies

Logan would not have discovered his sons’ plan without Tom’s help. He found out what the Roy’s were going to do and, instead of supporting Shiv, he decided to tell his father-in-law everything. Now, he and Greg have the backing of Waystar’s leader.

1. Shiv and Tom’s marriage falls apart

Tom and Shiv’s marriage was not at its best. She confessed that she no longer loved her partner, so the man’s “betrayal” seems to be the final blow in the dissolution of their relationship.

It is worth pointing out that the last shot of season 3 showed Shiv realizing the truth, while Tom comforted her.


The first three seasons of “Succession” are available in the online catalog of the streaming platform HBO Max. There you can also enjoy the new episodes only with your regular subscription to the service.

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