The Stranger Things universe has already defined how one of its first spin-offs will be; that they would continue the franchise after the end of the main series in Season 5.

Stranger Things

The fifth season will be the closure for the main show of the acclaimed series; However, the property has already confirmed that it will continue with other derivative projects, appearing what would be the first of these in animated format.

What’s On Netflix reports that the Duffer brothers’ production company, Upside Down Pictures and Netflix have an anime-style Stranger Things series in the works that would have been in development for some time under the name Stranger Things Tokyo.

The protagonists will be a pair of brothers

According to the information so far, the story would star a pair of brothers who love video games in a setting in Tokyo in 1980.

The aforementioned source adds that the entire series would have a total duration of six hours, which would be divided into chapters without defining the time of each one.

The Duffer brothers already spoke in previous interviews about their intentions to make spin-offs that show different points of view of the Upside Down, although with the particularity of being connected to each other with the world of this famous series.

Remember that Stranger Things, in its main series, will culminate in a Season 5 that is expected to premiere until some point in 2024.

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