It is undeniable that the world of crypto, NFT and blockchain and the like have started to be forgotten by many people because they are considered scams, especially by gamers. However, among the many game companies that have started to leave, there is the name Square Enix which is still aggressively investing in the world of blockchain and also NFT.The company known as Final Fantasy – Square Enix, is back in use New Year’s greeting statement to promote “aggressive” investments into blockchain games, claiming that the recent volatility in the market could ultimately benefit their plans.

In a new letter discussing his plans for 2023, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda now says blockchain remains the biggest focus for his medium-term investments, despite what he calls “volatility” in the blockchain world in 2022.

Matsuda believes that the lessons learned and the possibility of forthcoming regulation could benefit the growth of the blockchain field and its plans to develop games based on the technology.

“Blockchain has been a source of joy and a source of chaos at the same time, but with that in mind, we hope that blockchain games will transition to a new stage of growth in 2023,” said Matsuda.

Square Enix Gets Spicy Criticism For Discussing NFT in New Year's Message | GamerWK

In its New Year greetings last year, the company committed to creating blockchain games and NFTs. Later in 2022, it announced plans to sell NFTs as part of what it calls “the first digital artwork collection project designed from the ground up for Web3 enthusiasts”.

With various statements regarding blockchain and its support to the various projects it owns, Square Enix is ​​a giant gaming company that still remains adamant about investing in NFTs and Blockchain. What do you think, will this have a good impact, or will it even be a detrimental project?

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