More than a month after the discovery of a strange humanoid fetus in an old Conasupo warehouse in Santa María Regla, Huasca’s mayor, Francisco Mayoral, announced on Monday that specialists from the Dark Sky project have taken samples of the specimen for analysis at La Salle and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

This specimen, which was baptized as the “nahual fetus” or “nahual mummy” due to its perfectly preserved mummified state, is currently being exhibited in a wing of the Museum of the Goblins, an ideal space for its appreciation due to the mysticism that surrounds its possible place of origin.

Huasca is a land known for its attachment to legends and myths about goblins, aluxes, and nahuales. This culture causes, according to the mayor, a belief in the specimen’s fantastic characteristics, although “each person can value it based on their beliefs and idiosyncrasy.”

“We were very interested in clarifying that it is not a hoax or a photograph. If it had been found in some other municipality, it would have no relevance, but because of the theme of goblins and mysticism, there is cultural and social acceptance to give it importance,” Mayoral added.

It is a rare body of small dimensions, not larger than 50 centimeters, whose extremities show two pairs of legs and a pronounced skull with a disfigured face. The interesting thing is that it is in a perfect state of preservation, without giving off foul-smelling odors, although it is not known how long it has been dead.

“Doctors and veterinarians state that it is a fetus with a malformation, of a dog or cat. But samples have already been taken to determine and have a scientific explanation beyond popular idiosyncrasy,” concluded the mayor.

It is worth remembering that it was on Wednesday, March 15 when officials of the Mayor’s Office of Huasca found the probable “nahual mummy” inside a warehouse in San Miguel Regla when they were carrying out works in the town of Santa Maria.

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