Sol Carlos, a hilarious Argentinean influencer who has hit the social networks with force to fill you with fashion, fun and a positive lifestyle.

Her hair color like the sun itself, gives tribute to the name of Sol Carlos, a hilarious Argentinean influencer who has stepped with force on social networks, to position herself as a recognized Latin tiktoker in the United States, her incredible content collapses body insecurities.

Take a look at this young woman that you will surely love.

Authentic Argentinean

Sol was born on November 15, 1997 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is of Scorpio sign, then, the influencer moved during her first 4 years to Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, then, the little blonde returned to her native country, to find out that she would soon move to Mexico, residence she had for 4 years.

Later, the tiktoker returned to Argentina; something that the 23 year old highlighted through her YouTube channel was her sensitivity during childhood, without knowing her diagnosis, Sol was dealing with OCD syndrome better known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This girl’s low self-esteem was very noticeable just by looking at her, therefore, she was the center of bullying among her schoolmates.

Her sister received a phone call that changed the course of this little girl, notifying her that her next residence would be Houston, Texas in the United States. Subsequently, the girl arrived in the Anglo-Saxon country with the best energy and without the slightest idea that her life would take a 180° turn.

Lover of acting

Sol Carlos

The perfect stage

Sol’s essence helped her to connect with the arts, specifically with the theater, being this the perfect scenario for this Argentinean to exploit the talent that dwells within her. It also helped her connect with the audience that was eagerly awaiting a natural girl, eager to show the world her reality and how normal it is to be different from the rest.

Her charming smile and contagious positive vibe, full of a magical personality, led her to impose herself on digital platforms, leaving her fears and insecurities in the past. Her love for acting keeps her afloat in such a competitive digital world.
Influencer body positivity

After being the sad and desolate girl, Sol became an empowered woman worthy of admiration, better yet, she is a purposeful influencer who proposes self-love and body acceptance, understanding that every body is different, but all are beautiful.
With more than 200 thousand followers on YouTube, 800 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 4 million on TikTok, Sol is a wonderful young woman who through her experience, fills us with strength to move forward, despite the difficulties. This 23-year-old inspires us to stand firm in our essence, be brave and pursue our dreams.

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