After convalescing for several weeks, King Pelé died on December 29, 2022, but although his life ends, his legend still grows bigger and, with this, it would be natural for you to want to enjoy his talent in FIFA, the soccer game most popular in existence.

Although he is a retired player, Edson Arantes Nascimento “Pelé” has existed within FIFA since 2015, with the introduction of the Legends -today Icons-, figures from other eras who left a deep mark on the history of football.

Pelé fits the previous description perfectly. He is the first and greatest star of international soccer and, as such, his impact has not been limited only to the real fields, but has transcended to the virtual ones, where the GOAT also exists.

Pelé was champion with Santos in 1969 and, a year later, he would score his thousandth goal in all competitions. As if that were not enough, that same year he won the 1970 world championship, having obtained 6 victories and scoring a goal in the grand final. These data seem to be taken from a biography, but in reality they correspond to the profile that Pelé has in FIFA 23.

How can you play as Pelé in FIFA 23?

As it is, and until EA makes the decision to withdraw it from the market, Pelé continues to exist in the Ultimate Team mode of most recent FIFA games, including FIFA 23, where he can be found on the transfer market.

As you well know, and if not, we’re happy to report, in FUT, players exist in multiple versions, and Pele is no exception. From “The King” there are several different cards with particular statistics, although in all of them he is an outstanding player and proportionally expensive.

There are few ways to get it. With the World Cup, for example, iconic thematic cards were released and, throughout the history of the game -both current and previous- there have been challenges for training squads and others that reward you with this type of footballer. Pelé is in that category, although on occasion he can go down as a loan player.

That said, an easier way, in quotes, is to get it on the Transfer Market. The bad news is that his rarity, even prior to his unfortunate relegation, made him an extremely expensive player. Having him in your club will cost you millions of FUT Coins, regardless of version.

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